Boom in Exports, Boom for Translation Providers

March 2, 2015

Minnesota hit $21.4 billion dollars in exports in 2014, boosting the state’s economy and boosting Minnesota’s top translation provider, INGCO International. When more companies expand internationally, they are required to focus on international communications and high-quality translations. The 2.9% growth in exports over 2013 included a surge of exports to Mexico and Japan, leading the top translated languages into Spanish and Japanese. Canada remains Minnesota’s top trading partner but Mexico surpassed China. This boom in exports has been a boom for Minnesota’s top translation providers as well.

Professional translation services are essential for companies looking for global success. International growth requires companies to focus on translating their multilingual communications including:


  • Websites
  • Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Management
  • Paid Digital Ads
  • Blogs, Articles & Press Releases
  • Marketing and Advertising Material
  • Written Communications
  • Contracts
  • Leases
  • Trade Agreements
  • Financial & Legal Documents
  • Presentations

Companies also need to focus on interpreting services when working internationally. Frequent interpreting services requested are:


  • Telephone Conversations
  • On-Site Meetings
  • Negotiations
  • Legal Proceedings (Depositions, Mediations, Arbitrations)
  • Trainings
  • Conferences


Country Trade Amount
Canada $5.6 billion
Mexico $2.24 billion
China $2.2 billion
Japan $1.2 billion
Belgium $886 million
Germany $749 million
South Korea $712 million
Philippines $571 million
Singapore $531 million

Increased exports help all companies including small and mid-sized businesses. Economists and U.S. commerce officials long have praised exports for keeping Minnesota’s economy afloat. Since the Great Recession, exports have played an important part of Minnesota’s economy and help companies grow at a quicker pace. There’s a world of opportunity for Minnesota businesses for international growth through export success. Minnesota’s top translation providers like INGCO International have supported Minnesota businesses’ export efforts through professional language translation and interpreting services.

Read the entire report here. Learn more about the Minnesota Trade Office here.

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