INGCO is proud to boast a human-led, tech-enabled environment. Regardless of whether you opt for a machine-translated option, we will always have a set of human eyes on the project to ensure translations are not lost in the digital shuffle.

  • Machine Translation Post-Editing, or MTPE, is a valuable approach that combines machine translation efficiency with human linguists’ expertise, offering a balanced solution for businesses seeking accurate and timely translations for their content.
  • Machine Translation (MT): This is the automated process of translating text from one language to another using computer algorithms.
  • Post-Editing (PE): Post-editing involves reviewing and refining machine-generated translations to ensure they meet specific quality standards. Professional linguists or translators carefully assess the machine-generated content, making necessary corrections, improvements, and adjustments to enhance accuracy, fluency, and coherence.

Benefits of MTPE


MTPE allows faster turnaround times than translating content from scratch, making it an efficient solution for projects with tight deadlines.


As machine translation accelerates the initial translation process, it can lead to cost savings compared to fully human-generated translations.


MTPE is particularly useful for large volumes of content, making it scalable for businesses with extensive translation needs.