Partnership Packages

Types of Partnerships

White label
  • INGCO Lead
  • Partner Lead
  • INGCO Backend
Transparent partnerships, get referrals directly, pay referral fees

Current INGCO Partnership Services offered

Full-suite interpreting services
  • Onsite (Consecutive & Simultaneous)
  • Online (Consecutive & Simultaneous)
  • Hybrid
  • Technical Support
  • OPI/VRI on demand
  • Live Captioning on Screen
Translation Services
  • Document Translation
  • Transcreation & Localizatio
  • Website Translation
  • Multilingual Transcription
  • Multilingual Voiceovers
  • Subtitles on Screen
  • Marketing Material
  • HR & Legal Translation
  • Medical & Technical Translation

Benefits of White-Label Partnerships

  • Expanding services
  • Client perception of one company (easier on client than having to partner with two different companies/agencies for one project)
  • Current partnerships have grown 170% on average year over year
    The average quote acceptance rate went from 20% to 96% year over year with addition of new partnerships
  • Frees up your team’s time; we are able to handle a project seamlessly from start to finish in direct communication with your client or through your client’s internal contact

Benefits of Referral Partnerships

  • Allows you to easily and quickly offer solutions to your most valued clients
  • Offer customers a trusted and easy solution
  • Marketing our partnerships allows you to expand your customer base and services without increasing internal costs
  • INGCO is happy to consider a two-way partnership
  • Little effort is needed, and high ROI


Sample workflows, White-Label



Partner hands off a potential interpreting project to INGCO under Partner alias, INGCO closes the deal, completes the projects, invoices Partner

  • INGCO’s preferred way of communication
  • Gives clients a chance to talk through their event directly with the subject matter experts versus adding an additional layer of communication with your client’s current internal contact/account manager
  • Easy handoff from Partner to PMs, no time wasted
  • INGCO can address urgent needs quickly


  • Partner may want to be more involved

Note: clients often return directly to the assigned INGCO PM (operating under partner alias); operations continue to handle all estimates/projects

Example scenario: This is the most common workflow with current partnerships. We currently have a client (through a partner) that comes directly to INGCO for all language needs, INGCO copies the designated partner email address in all communications but seamlessly handles all interpreting inquiries from start to finish and honors partnership rebate.

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Partner sends an approved project to INGCO, partner still manages client communication and completes the project, invoice is delivered to the partner

  • Partner maintains majority of communication with client
  • INGCO is still able to speak with the client to hash out all details, under alias
  • Partner can bring INGCO in on early calls under alias to answer questions
  • INGCO is still able to handle requests and questions quickly, under alias
  • Quoting process can take longer due to gatekeeping before a final sale
  • Key details may be missed in early stages – can result in misquoting and increase costs
  • Can create a middleman in process

Note: clients often return directly to the assigned INGCO PM (operating under Partner alias), and operations continue to handle all estimates/projects maintaining partnership rebate

Example scenario: This is the second most common workflow with current partnerships. Once a project is approved, the partner brings INGCO into the project to organize all operations, once the project has ended INGCO project project completion to partner so partner can deliver project to the client themselves. The client either approaches INGCO directly or goes back to the account manager; either way INGCO directs the client back to the account manager for any future project requests.

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Partner manages all client communication, INGCO works on the back end to complete the project, and invoice delivered to partner.

  • Partner maintains control, some may find it appealing if they are worried about releasing contact
  • Details can be missed, necessary questions may not be asked
  • Having contact with the client up front or at any time throughout the project allows INGCO’s team to ask proper questions and understand the scope fully to build a package tailored to the client’s need
  • Can lead to misquoting and increased costs
  • Can take more time because of the back fourth middleman
  • Takes longer to troubleshoot and deal with emergencies on the spot

Note: INGCO does not recommend this option but is happy to meet partner where they are and operate in their preferred method out of respect in the partnership

Example scenario: Once a project is approved, the partner communicates client needs to INGCO and asks any questions INGCO has to the client. The client does not every have communicate with anyone on the INGCO team. Once project is completed, INGCO invoices partner.

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Sample workflows, Referral



Referring Partner refers the client directly to INGCO to bid/quote/complete the project; no Partner alias is needed. The client may return to INGCO directly.

  • Can be a two-way referral partnership
  • Referee receives an agreed upon referral percentage of project (minus passthrough costs)
  • Minimal effort for referee, referral company performs work
  • Can give perception to client that referee cannot do the work themselves
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