Subtitles and Captions

Subtitles & Video Caption Services

It’s no secret that videos are an investment – be sure your footage captivates your audience, no matter what language they speak.

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Why INGCO International?

Expert Linguists

Through our subtitle and captioning services, our expert linguists translate your content into the languages your audience prefers.

Professional Technicians

We work with professional technicians to place the text using precise formatting and timing, so your viewers won’t miss a beat.

Align With Script

Every project and language is different, so we’ll walk you through the project to ensure your subtitles align with your script – and we’ll provide you with the complete international font file, so the final product is flawless!

With our services, you'll have access to...

  • Open and closed captioning
  • Content transcription services
  • Foreign language script translation
  • Multilingual subtitle production and placement

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