Voice Over Services

Voice Over Services are an audio production technique that uses a voice separate from the original production audio to read the script for a training video, advertisement, meeting recording, or other form of media. Properly executed, voice overs enhance material and evoke action and/or emotion. If you want your message to resonate in a foreign language, INGCO can help you achieve that with professional voice overs.

Voice Over Services allow you to leverage content already created and share it with a broader audience. INGCO will take into account the unique cultural and linguistic needs of your audience, ensuring that your key messages are understood

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Our Process

  1. Our experts analyze your content to understand what is needed, your timeline and budget, and any other details that are needed for production.
  2. We receive your video file with audio embedded and then strip the audio portion of the file out.
  3. Because creating voiceovers in some languages can run longer than the original video, we create a new audio file that is a transcript with time stamps and edit it down so the content will fit within the time constraints of the original, match the video, and convey accurate information.
  4. We bring multilingual voice talent in to record the new audio files and we ensure the final product resonates with those who speak the language.
  5. Finally, we place the new audio files over the original audio files and send the completed work to you.

Is a voice-over the right approach for your business?
Connect with one of our experts to explore how INGCO can help you bring your project to life.

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