Maximizing Conference Success with AI and Human Language Support

Maximizing Conference Success with AI and Human Language Support
July 2, 2024

In a world rapidly embracing technological advancements in just about every industry, language services are no different. With new, enticing options like machine translation and AI-generated interpretations, many people see a promising future for technology in the language service industry. In turn, the landscape of large event and conference language support is also evolving. At INGCO International, we are at the forefront of this service trend, leading with a human-led, tech-enabled approach to our language services. We understand the importance of combining the precision of human expertise with the efficiency and innovation of artificial intelligence to provide comprehensive and expertly tailored solutions for conferences and large events.

Why AI Support is Gaining Popularity

You might wonder why so many people are turning to AI for their language needs at conferences. Here are a few reasons:

Saving money: AI can sometimes be less costly than having multiple people translating and interpreting. This means even smaller events can afford proper language support.

Efficiency for presentations: When someone is giving a presentation, AI can quickly handle lots of data and text, making everything run smoother and faster.

Always available: AI doesn’t need breaks and can work around the clock, 24/7. Plus, it can handle multiple languages simultaneously, which is excellent for big, international events.

Our Comprehensive AI Solutions

At INGCO, we offer a range of AI-powered solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of conferences and events:

MTPE (Machine Translation with Post-Editing): High-quality machine translation output refined by human editors to ensure accuracy and fluency.

Synthetic Voiceovers: AI-generated voiceovers in multiple languages for prerecorded presentations or videos.

Subtitling: Automated subtitling services that are accurate and efficient, supporting various video formats.

Live Multilingual Captioning: Real-time captioning in multiple languages during live presentations, ensuring accessibility for all participants.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI): AI-enhanced RSI services that enable seamless communication across languages in real-time.

Human Expertise: Essential for Quality

It’s essential to recognize that AI may not be suitable for every aspect of a conference. While it excels in straightforward presentation-style scenarios and can efficiently handle large volumes of data, it may struggle in interactive settings that require dynamic engagement and nuanced communication. Additionally, its effectiveness may vary depending on the complexity of technical terminology, the rarity of the language, and the cultural context of the conference participants.

Basically, there is a time and place for AI technology

Human expertise often remains essential, especially in nuanced and complex contexts where cultural understanding, emotional understanding, and linguistic accuracy are required. 

Human expertise means having real interpreters and translators by your side–which can make a huge difference. For example, say a multinational company is hosting a high-stakes negotiation with a client from another country. The discussion involves sensitive topics such as contract terms, cultural nuances, and potential future collaborations. During the meeting, a slight misunderstanding arises when the AI software misinterprets a subtle but critical cultural nuance, causing confusion and tension. These kinds of mistakes could make or break the event’s success. Human interpreters are proficient in their languages, industries, and business etiquette–preventing misunderstandings.

Trust INGCO With Your Upcoming Conferences

Despite the challenges AI currently faces, AI language services can still enhance the conference experience, particularly when used in conjunction with human interpreters and translators or as a supplementary tool for specific language requirements. 

By leveraging AI interpretation’s strengths while mitigating limitations, conference organizers can create more inclusive and accessible events through a human-led, tech-enabled approach.

Whether you incorporate AI services into your conferences or opt for a balanced combination of human and AI options, trust INGCO—a language service provider committed to your success. We offer versatile solutions catering to your unique needs, ensuring that your conferences are inclusive and engaging for all participants and making your event a true success.