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Looking to go global?

In our latest guide titled "How to Expand Your Global Reach in 2024 (10 Tips to Get You Prepared)," INGCO's President, Ingrid Christensen, shares valuable insights for international expansion. This free resource provides ten powerful strategies, from crafting culturally resonant websites to innovative marketing for establishing emotional connections. By following this checklist, you’ll be better prepared to navigate the complexities of international markets, capitalize on opportunities, and position your business for sustainable growth in 2024 and beyond.

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Credentialed & Certified

INGCO International is continually striving for excellence in the Language Service Provider industry. We have received numerous certifications and exceeded Industry Certificate Standards through our accurate work across our history. Our standards are set high to meet your language needs time and time again without fail.

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Hosting A Conference Or Large-Scale Meeting?

Have you considered the various cultures and languages that will be present and how to communicate with them? Live and Virtual Interpreters are available to accomodate. Also, we translate agendas, presentation slide decks, and live captioning on the presentation screen. Let us partner with you in identifying helpful and necessary services for a successful conference.

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Deliver Your Message In Any Language With Confidence

INGCO International provides services from mainstream to the most obscure languages that help you lead and communicate your most important messages seamlessly in over 200 languages with clarity and confidence.

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Live Interpreting:
In-Person Or Virtually

Regardless of location – in person, over the phone, remote, or a hybrid approach – INGCO will help you determine how to best fulfill your interpretation needs, matching you to the right professional every time for the best possible outcome.

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Accurate Translation In Over 200 Languages

Our INGCO WordologistsTM haven’t met a word they don’t love, which means our clients receive the best fitting, culturally accurate translations they can be confident in. Whether for technical manuals in highly-regulated industries, or a social media post designed to captivate consumers, INGCO conveys your meaning as intended.

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INGCO International provides language services that give you the ability
to lead and communicate your most important messages seamlessly
in any language, letting you deliver with clarity and confidence.

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Your journey to clear, effective communication
across cultures begins here.

Experience the joy of working with a team that’s engaged and responsive. We pride ourselves on completing your project before other language service companies respond to your first inquiry. Here’s how we help you tell your story.



Our team of experts will take the time to understand your unique language service needs. We’ll listen carefully to gather key information about your industry, company, business requirements, customer base, and what’s important to you so that we can develop a comprehensive strategy that ensures your message resonates with your target audience.



Next, we’ll hand-pick a team of linguists whose experience and expertise align with your precise audience. You’ll receive a plan that outlines every aspect of the communication experience, including linguistic and cultural nuances critical to those receiving your message.



Our detail-oriented process ensures that your audience understands and connects with your intended message. We care deeply about providing accurate, timely, and meaningful communications to give people access to the information they need in the language they prefer.



Do you need to speak to a global audience? Is language a barrier to your work? Do you need to be heard and understood in different languages and cultures?

INGCO International is your one-stop shop for professional translation and interpreting services. We have the experience and expertise to make your message resonate for those who matter most to your business. Our interpreters and translators are fluent in 200+ languages and can provide services when and where you need them.

We specialize in the most complex language challenges and give people a voice in some of life’s most critical moments. From personalized support in employment or healthcare initiatives for individuals, to a full suite of business services for meetings, events, presentations, conferences, and so much more, we provide accurate, timely information in the language they prefer.

We bring a collaborative partnership to every engagement, saving our clients time, money, and frustration. We immerse ourselves in your business to ensure the best outcome and strategically put the right solutions together, thinking critically about the vast implications of your mission, including technology, people that fit the culture, diverse language delivery, and timing.

About Us
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Translation Services

Our approach to translation pairs experienced linguists with innovative technology to provide you with accurate, efficient translations. We can help you translate documents, websites, products and packaging, manuals, books, and more.

Translation Services

Interpreting Services

Our comprehensive interpreting services give you flexible options to provide access to information where it’s needed, including live, remote, over-the-phone, and hybrid interpreting solutions such as meetings and events. 

Interpreting Services


Specialty Services

Our specialty services provide you with language service capabilities to address every aspect of your project. From marketing and localization strategies to voiceovers and captioning, our suite of tools and expertise helps you deliver meaningful communication in any language. 

Connect with a Specialist



Helping clients speak to the world

INGCO International
Based on 29 reviews
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14:57 13 Oct 23
Less than 1 year I’ve been working for ING CO and they’ve made me feel like I was one of theirs since day 1!I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and rarely found such a great match as far as values and vision. Every single person I’ve dealt with has been courteous, efficient and appreciative all around.Special thumbs up to Roxana Rivas for making sure I always have the best conditions to deliver a good performance for our clients.Looking forward to pursuing our collaboration!Sandy GonçalvesEnglish/French/Portuguese/SpanishInterpreter & TranslatorMontreal, Canada
Drew CoveDrew Cove
15:59 29 Aug 23
I have loved working with the team at INGCO. Every individual who works there is so passionate about providing second-to-none translation and interpreting services to provide the best experience for all who need it. Nothing better than a team that wholeheartedly believes in the group's mission. I wouldn't use any other company for language services!
Xenia AndriutaXenia Andriuta
15:53 14 Jul 23
I am happy to share my positive experience with INGCO International. It was a pleasure to work with professionals who know what they're doing and are in touch every step of the way, ensuring high quality services for their end-clients but also caring for the linguists that they subcontract. A truly wonderful team! I look forward to working with them again and I can hand on heart recommend their services.
Erin MannErin Mann
15:24 26 Jun 23
Milagros BabonMilagros Babon
08:59 14 Nov 22
zaza zazazaza zaza
17:45 09 Nov 22
As a translator, I really appreciate to work with INGCO as they are very responsive to any queries and they are 100% respectful of the client's needs. I never had to complaint about any issues. This is a totally trustful organization.
Tereza BragaTereza Braga
23:29 04 Nov 22
One of very best translation companies I have ever worked with. I truly enjoy interacting with everyone at INGCO. It is rare to find a client intent on treating its freelancers so well. I hope to be their provider forever.
isabelle Freemanisabelle Freeman
23:51 03 Nov 22
I have worked as a french interpreter for INGCO for several years now. It is one of my favorite agency. The staff is lovely, their clients always have interesting projects. I am treated with kindness and respect and I am paid fairly and on time. What else could I ask for. I am looking forward to keep on working for many years with this wonderful group of people.
Dominique Stora-WeinerDominique Stora-Weiner
19:57 03 Nov 22
It is always a pleasure working with INGO. Not only are they extremely professional but they also very fair to their interpreters/translators. The project managers go above and beyond to meet our needs (always do their best to provide prep. materials, are very considerate of working conditions, etc..) All payments are made in a timely manner. It is most definitely one of top favorite agencies to work with and have nothing but positive things to say about them.
Reeanna CrownhartReeanna Crownhart
21:06 19 Oct 22
I work for a Manufacturing company in Hastings, MN where we have a very diverse workforce. We have been using INGCO for almost a year now and they are truly outstanding. Any documents we need to get translated get completed in just a day or two, they are very detail-oriented and catch many things that I don't even think of to make sure our translated documents are even better. We have used them a couple of times for onsite interpreters as well who have been super kind and helpful. I would highly recommend using INGCO for any of your translation and interpretation needs. We plan on having a lasting relationship with INGCO. Special thanks to our contacts, Andy and Joao, for constantly being a delight to work with.


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