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Streamline Your Medical/Dental Facility’s Interpreting Services with Direct Insurance Billing


At INGCO, we understand the critical role language plays in effective communication within healthcare settings. That’s why we offer a seamless solution for medical and dental facilities looking to provide interpreting services without the financial burden of internal costs.

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Why Choose Us?

Direct Insurance Billing:

We specialize in handling insurance billing for interpreting services.

Your facility can offer language support without worrying about the expenses.

Currently, we can bill Blue Cross Blue Shield and Delta Dental. Contact us for any other insurance carriers you would like us to bill directly.

Wide Range of Languages:

Our team of professional interpreters covers a broad spectrum of languages to ensure effective communication with diverse patient populations.

Experienced Interpreters:

Our interpreters are highly trained, experienced, and certified in medical and dental terminology, ensuring accurate and precise communication.

Customized Solutions:

Tailored packages to meet the unique language needs of your facility.

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Let’s Go Global


We’re a passionate team of language service professionals with a proven track record of helping companies go global.

Whether your company needs assistance introducing a new product, translating a clinical document, or interpreting for in-person events and meetings, our team of experts is ready to support your language service needs from start to finish.

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