Translation and Localization Services

The difference between translation and localization is creativity. You can localize your idioms, puns, pop-culture references, geographic humor, nationalistic pride, and all the emotional language associated with a given language. We provide detailed localization services for many different industries, including the legal, medical, and life sciences fields. Language localization ensures that your content is spot-on for your target market.

How will it work for you?

Understanding Cultural Nuances

Our team will handle the leg work of understanding the cultural nuances of your target market. We’ll help you identify key strategies for connecting with those in the local market, including messaging, tactics, and other communication preferences that may impact how they receive a given message.

Free Localization Evaluation

Are you taking your first step to expanding on a global scale? We offer a free localization evaluation to help you determine how to proceed with your globalization efforts. You’ll get valuable insights for your target market as part of a comprehensive localization package. Generally, we provide three language localization options and test them with expert native speakers in the local market.

Work With Localization Specialists

With localization specialists around the world, we have people who live among those you’re trying to connect with – and they’re familiar with the intricacies of communicating with that population. Learn more about localization from our team here.