Global Translation Services – Connecting People and Cultures

Global Translation services
August 9, 2022

The world is connected more now than ever before, but are you truly reaching those you want to communicate with? Connecting with other people and cultures around the world has never been easier thanks to global translation services. If you are looking to expand your reach globally, you have come to the right place. Let’s talk about what global translation services are, when you might need them, why you might use translators, and how to get started!

Global Translation Services

Global translationGlobal translation services provide translations for documents, marketing and advertising, training materials and other forms of media that are read or written from one language to another. Translators who are fluent in multiple languages can provide professional translation and interpreting services that help your customers understand your products and services, while allowing you to focus on running your business.

Website Translation

People across the globe use the internet every day to do their jobs, research services, and buy products. If your website isn’t easily translated into the languages your customers use, you may be missing out on their business. Utilizing website translation is a critical marketing strategy that will help you tap into new global markets, engage with your customers, and increase your sales. Your company will have an advantage by clearly communicating with people around the world and making it easier for them to do business with you, building trust you’re your customers and setting you apart from your competition.

Localization Services

Localization services, also called “transcreation,” focuses on communicating to a specific linguistic and cultural audience based on their geographic location, culture, and language. If you are doing business internationally, professional localization services can ensure you reach your target audience accurately and in ways that resonate with them personally. Localization helps you consider the cultural nuances, communication preferences, and linguistic needs that those customers expect, and deliver messaging that aligns with their needs. Investing in localization will enhance your reputation as an inclusive, professional, and reputable organization that communicates effectively.

Marketing Collateral and Documents

marketing documentsNow is the time to consider your technical marketing strategy and what your marketing department is doing. Is your organization currently taking into consideration multiple languages, cultures, and audiences in your communication strategy? Global marketing tactics are critically important factors to enable connecting with others worldwide.

Some marketing tactics include:
Voiceover, Transcription, and Subtitling
• Accessibility and Interpretation
• International SEO and Digital Marketing
Multilingual Transcription

Marketing is not the only function you need to consider. You also need to include document translation. Just think about how many documents your company creates for employees, clients, and consumers. Have you run into issues where these documents would have been better understood if they were offered in other languages? Examples of these documents include product specifications, employee manuals, regulatory information, user guides, contracts, receipts, and more. Even if you use consultation or enrollment forms on your website, you can still increase your engagement by making these items more accessible to people who use a different language. That being said, document translation services are critical to any organization’s success.

Technical Translations Matter, too!

If you are translating documents such as manuals or guides, then you will want to ensure all technical aspects of the writing are specifically translated for accuracy. Consider your client’s or customer’s perspective as they try to resolve an issue with your product. Will they be able to solve the problem if they don’t understand the language used in your materials? In business to business technical specifications, the same rule applies. An engineer at one company must be able to clearly understand the details to be able to complete a project. Again, accessibility and interpretation is key, and language translation services are the way to do just that.

How Global Translation Services Improves Relationships with Customers

Consumers are more likely to remain loyal to you and continue to put their trust in your business when they can clearly understand your brand. They want to know they are being heard and taken care of. When you go the extra mile to have their unique cultural and linguistic needs incorporated in your services and products, consumers can feel confident in their experience with your business.

Why Should I Hire a Professional Translation Service?

The need for professional translation and interpreting services is more important than ever as we use technology to connect across the globe. A professional translation services give you a way to engage with customers from different cultures, while freeing you up to focus on your business priorities. Their expertise and the review provided by these professionals will ensure that your project is is accurate and has taken into account all necessary cultural nuances related to the specific industry, material, and subject matter. When looking for a professional translation service, be careful with automated translations. Ask questions and make sure you are getting a human translation to ensure you receive quality results and for that extra personalized touch.

You may even want to check out American Translators Association to review the resources, they offer to help with your search. A good starting point is their list of corporate members that are recognized professional translators and interpreters. The American Translators Association has established quality standards of competence and ethics that members are required to comply with.

INGCO International Can Help

INGCO International is here for all your global interpreting and translation needs. Why struggle with navigating these technical processes on your own when you can have an expert do it for you, accurately and quickly? We are a leading provider of translation services and will provide you with access to our Wordologists, professional translators who can work in any preferred language you might need. INGCO International helps you expand your global presence and impact while delivering all of your translation needs. Contact us to get started today!