AI Interpreting

At INGCO, we harbor a human-led, tech-enabled environment. We understand the importance of utilizing advances in technology to increase cross-border communication.

As part of our commitment to advancing our communication efforts, we are implementing an innovative service called AI Interpreting.

AI Interpreting revolutionizes communication with its real-time, multi-modal translation capabilities, offering over 3000 language combinations. Whether it’s an online webinar, an in-person conference, or a hybrid event, this cutting-edge service ensures instant spoken and captioned translations are effortlessly communicated.

In what situations can AI Interpreting be used?

With seamless integration and enhanced accessibility, our AI-powered solution ensures a globally connected and efficient experience for all participants in one-to-many communication settings. These scenarios typically involve speakers delivering presentations without direct interaction with their audience.

  • Training Sessions
  • Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Product Presentations
  • Town Halls


In what situations is AI Interpreting not recommended?

  • When dealing with rare languages
  • When conveying humor and genuine emotions is essential
  • In settings where audience interaction is expected