WordologistsSM and The INGCO Way!

September 13, 2022

Businesses can communicate with any audience in the world thanks to technology. As a result, many organizations are expanding globally to grow. But how can companies achieve global success? Onboarding a language services provider for proper translation, interpreting, and localization is one of the first steps in developing a sound global strategy. INGCO International provides the right WordologistsSM to assist your business in communicating in other languages.

Translation and interpreting services are routinely used in the global marketplace as countries, cultures, and people interact worldwide. What was once dominated by one language and group per business space, now consists of multilingual access points and increased demand for competition. This means potential growth and higher return on investment (ROI) for your business. Allow us to teach you the INGCO Way and hiring our Wordologists will be the smartest business decision you make to expand your business globally.

What is a WordologistSM?

“WordologistsSM,” as we coined it, are INGCO’s language-obsessed word nerds who provide unmatched accuracy and cultural fit for even the most difficult translation and interpreting challenges. You might be wondering, why not use “translator” or “interpreter” to describe who they are and what they do?  Our WordologistsSM are what set us apart from every other language service. The key differentiation is that our translation and interpreting services are done by humans, not robots or Artificial Intelligence.

Our WordologistsSM obsess over every detail of your content to ensure accurate and culturally nuanced translations to convey the right meaning behind your words. We realize trust is an essential factor in the translation and interpreting process, and we work diligently to remove any uncertainty surrounding your projects.

WordologistsSM professionally blend the science of translation with the magic of localization to produce content that looks and feels like it was originally created in the target language. We have dedicated WordologistsSM in over 200 languages, so we can turn around projects faster and with better precision than anyone else. No waiting in a queue or on a team to get to your work – we know how important it is to stay on track and immediately give your consumers what they need.

How Can Your Translated Content Benefit from WordologistsSM?

Let’s learn more about what WordologistsSM do and how you can benefit from their work.

word nerdsImprove Your Global Reach with Accurate Translations: Our business goal is for you and your business to succeed. Your company has much to gain from expanding to a larger global audience. However, getting it right the first time is imperative. Consumer trust is not easily earned (but is easily lost), so your translations and interpreting need to be spot-on. Trust us, once out there, it is hard to take back errors and still have the loyalty of your consumers.  accuracy and quality must be top priorities – which is what our Wordologists provide.

We build teams of WordologistsSM specific to your language projects. We like to think of them as linguistic superheroes. Our WordologistSM teams are comprised of up to 10 different language specialists working in tandem to create masterfully crafted messages specific to your target language and audience. The INGCO Way guarantees your messages to be consistent, accurate, and on-brand in any language.

Improve Internal Training, Corporate Communications, and Inclusion Goals

INGCO’s Wordologists are not only used for consumer-facing projects, we also help with your internal documentation such as training manuals, procedures, messages from leaders/CEOs, meetings, operations manuals and diagrams, employee handbooks, and sales training materials and presentations to ensure everyone in your organization can receive your message and feel part of the team.

WordologistsSM Can Connect with Every Culture

We take the time upfront to carefully understand your brand, specific goals, objectives, and target audience(s). We then thoroughly examine the target languages to which you want your content translated to understand the cultural nuances. Unfortunately, many companies skip this step, which could prove costly and potentially offensive depending on the culture.

For example, suppose you want to translate a marketing campaign into Spanish, and someone on your team speaks the language; however, the Spanish-speaking employee is from Mexico, and the audience you are trying to reach is in Spain. Having your team member translate the material might sound like an ideal way to save money., but do they understand the unique cultural and linguistic nuances of the Spain dialect? Probably not.

There is an inherent risk of not investing in proper translations and interpreting. INGCO is here to help you quickly, seamlessly, and accurately connect your business with the world. We offer Wordologists in over 200 languages so you can prioritize your other business needs and let your team get back to doing what they do best to maintain your organizational efficiencies.

Creating Content with the Touch of WordologistsSM

When our WordologistsSM come together to prepare your material the INGCO Way, global success is right around the corner. Your team can focus on other business goals, your material and brand are consistent and professional in every language, and your clients and prospects continue to grow and engage with your brand. When you open up your company to the world, you break down barriers you may not have even known existed. So go ahead and create your content and develop your global strategies – then contact INGCO. We will be here to assist with translating and interpreting services to help you accomplish your business goals.

INGCO International Overcomes Language Barriers

Your brand deserves a global arena, and your staff deserves to understand their company’s documentation. INGCO International helps you overcome linguistic challenges so you can speak to audiences in their language to show you care.

Ready to find your voice and speak to the world? Contact us now to get started. There is no other way to go but The INGCO way!