Why Minnesota Businesses Need To Go Global – And How!

June 4, 2014

Why do Minnesota businesses need to go global, and how the heck should they even start? Find out here!


Check out our latest article featured in the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce “Business View.”

President Ingrid Christensen explains the basic reasons WHY more Minnesota businesses should take advantage of the global market and HOW they can jump in to see results fast.

Interested? Make sure you check it out through this link!

INGCO International guides businesses from across the United States in developing a global communications strategy. With over 20 years of translation and localization experience, this webinar discusses specifically why Minnesota companies need to go global, and how they should start their international journey. Going global doesn’t need to be reserved for Fortune 500 organizations, companies of all sizes can and should think about the business opportunities that exist across the world.

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