Translation and Interpreting in the Recruiting Process

Translation and Interpreting in the Recruiting Process
May 24, 2022

Having groceries and a favorite local dinner delivered to your doorstep are not the only new norms that have come out of the pandemic. Many organizations have embraced working virtually and have shifted their priorities to be more focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts – including the way they recruit new employees. 

Between rapidly changing technological advancements, the Great Resignation, remote work, and globalization, companies must adapt quickly to retain a diverse and inclusive workplace culture. A critical part of that means making sure potential and existing employees have equal access to the information they need, in their preferred language. The language services industry plays an integral role in making this happen – from making sure job postings and keyword searches are available in other languages, to virtual interpreting services during an interview, and making sure onboarding documents are clearly translated. 

At INGCO International, we are passionate about creating a culture of belonging and a workplace where people can show up authentically – no matter what language they speak. Every day, we help organizations around the world break down language barriers through clear communications strategies and language services like interpreting and translation to better attract, engage, and retain a diverse workforce. 

How can language services help drive your talent marketing efforts?

Trying to figure out how to break down language barriers through clear communications strategies can often leave companies wondering where to start. When it comes to talent marketing, we’ve identified four areas the language services industry can help you attract and retain the best and brightest in your field. 


It’s one thing to create marketing, PR, and internal communications content to set your business up for success, but when you need to customize content for another language, region, or culture, simply translating word for word could create confusion and miscommunication for potential employees. 

Multilingual website 

Your company probably already posts new job openings on their website. And as teams continue to expand globally, you should make sure your job postings are multilingual. Multilingual postings allow you to tap into unexplored talent and diverse perspectives from all over the world, while making sure potential employees can clearly review your job opportunity and ensure it’s the right fit for their unique skillset.

Learning more about a potential employer is equally important – what they value, what they stand for, what type of culture they foster – to ensure it aligns with personal values and beliefs. To do this, your company website needs to be offered in other languages so people around the world can clearly understand important details about you as a potential employer. Making sure your company website is translated is one way to show your commitment to inclusivity and a culture of belonging to everyone who visits your site. 

Document + written communications translation  

As part of the recruiting process, onboarding can feel both overwhelmingly exciting and daunting, from reviewing company policies and communicating with a recruiter or Human Resources to completing onboarding paperwork and digging into training materials. Professional document translation services offer thoughtful, experienced document translation by certified, expert translators with the knowledge to capture the nuance of the source text and ensure the language used is accurate and sounds natural in the target language. 


Making it to the interview process for any potential employee is exhilarating and intimidating. Your company needs to make sure the process is seamless so the potential employee feels comfortable, valued, and understood – no matter what language they speak. From interviews, welcome videos, and training modules to meetings and interviews, interpreting services help alleviate unnecessary confusion and pressure – allowing everyone to show up as their authentic selves.

Remote, hybrid, in-person + over the phone interpreting services

If your company offers virtual work options, making sure interpreting services are available during the recruiting process is crucial – especially if your teams have expanded or plan to expand globally. For some, that might mean needing remote interpreting solutions if they’re located in another city, state or country, and for others that might mean needing hybrid, in-person or over the phone interpreting solutions. 

Voiceover + subtitle services 

Another critical but sometimes overlooked element of interpreting includes voiceovers and subtitles. The language services industry can have a huge impact during the recruitment process by offering multilingual voiceover services or subtitles for things like online training videos and modules. 

Are you looking for a more diverse and inclusive recruitment process but not sure where to start? Whether your company needs help with website and document translation, interpreting services, or developing a talent recruiting strategy – we can help meet your unique needs.