Remote Interpreting Solutions

You have one shot to get your meeting right.

Remote, hybrid and live events have many moving pieces. Our remote interpreting solutions team brings together the technology, interpreters, and support to produce seamless multilingual meetings.


From start to finish, our remote interpreting solutions team will help you get it right.

Remote Interpreting

Interpreters, Technology & Platforms

Remote Conference Interpreters

200+ Languages, ISO-Certified

Remote Meeting Technical Support

Moderating, Troubleshooting & Consulting

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting – Technology and Platforms

As a meeting planner, you have many meeting and event platforms to select from. We will help you select the technology stack and platform for your needs. We have several partnerships in place including: Kudo, Zoom, VoiceBoxer, Interactio and others. Each platform is different and we will help you select the right fit for you.

If you have already selected a platform, our technical meeting team will help set the event up for success by embedding and integrating any necessary widgets, tertiary devices and other solutions.

Remote Conference Interpreters

As you focus on the many moving parts of events and meetings, we offer certified conference and meeting interpreters in over 200 language pairs. Simultaneous interpreting is a specialized skill that requires training, testing and ongoing education. We carefully screen our meeting interpreters to make sure that your message is translated accurately.

Remote Meeting Technical Support

Your event must run smoothly. Our remote technical support team provides assistance such as meeting moderating, platform hosting and consulting services to ensure event success. We understand that you need to focus on the overall details and trust that our technical team will successfully manage behind-the-scenes.

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