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We are hiring a Language Services Coordinator

We are a global provider of translation and interpreting services in 200+ languages. We solve complex global language challenges and our specialty is localizing to create emotion. You won’t get computer-created translations at INGCO. We are real people that solve real problems and preserve the art of language through the attentive provision of translation and interpreting.


We pledge to:

  • Value the language of all people;
  • Be accountable;
  • Be open to new things;
  • Be proactive;
  • Have fun.

Director of Language Services

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Report to the Director of Language Services.
  • Ensure that all regulatory, accreditation and industry standard requirements are met on a continual basis.
  • Follow interpeter recruitment, selection, certification, performance and education standards.
  • Exemplify a high standard of customer services; respond quickly to internal and external customer issues, work with colleagues to address system-wide breakdowns and proactively collaborate to resolve issues impacting the quality of services.
  • Uphold customer satisfaction expectations.
  • Efficient and effective use of resources, teamwork, innovation, and performance improvement.

Skills & Specifications

  • Self-starter and independent worker
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to quickly and effectively utilize resources
  • Excellent interpersonal and project management skills
  • Possess a pleasant outlook – you must see the glass as half full rather than half empty
  • Must be highly sensitive to diverse cultures and languages
  • Prefer fully bilingual candidates

To apply for this position, email an updated resume demonstrating success in areas listed above with a cover letter describing in 3-5 bullet points why you are the ideal candidate for this position as well as salary requirements. You must include references with name, title, organization, phone number and email.

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