Bridging Cultures: A Guide to Hosting Successful Multicultural Corporate Events

Interpreting services
June 8, 2023

Thanks to the influx of globalization, diversity has become a key component for fostering an inclusive and thriving business environment. This increase in diversity results in many multicultural gatherings and events in business and life. Planning and managing events with people from different cultures and backgrounds in the corporate world presents unique challenges, especially regarding communication barriers with language translation and cultural nuances. 

Whether planning a large-scale conference or a company team-building activity, this guide will provide valuable insights and practical tips to ensure your multicultural event leaves a lasting impression and is well-received by your attendees. 

Understand your audience

Before all else, you must understand your audience (attendees). 

  • Gather demographic information about your attendees’ languages, cultures, and preferences upon registration or invitation to plan and create an inclusive experience and avoid cultural faux pas (protect your brand).
  • You may also consider conducting surveys or informal interviews to identify the preferred languages spoken that will be in attendance. 

This insight will allow you to allocate necessary resources appropriately and help tailor the event’s content, activities, and overall atmosphere to ensure everyone feels valued and welcomed.

Consider language services & plan ahead

Hosting a successful multicultural event requires meticulous planning. Begin by establishing a timeline, setting a budget, and allocating resources accordingly. Consider language services, such as conference translation, live meeting translation, and video interpretation, to ensure effective communication throughout the event. Partnering with a professional language service provider can simplify the event’s process for you and guarantee seamless interpretation and translation.

1.) Clear communication: conference translation and live meeting translation

During the event, clear and effective communication is paramount for your brand reputation. Language should never be a barrier to a meaningful exchange. By working with a reputable interpreting and translating service provider, you can offer conference translation and live meeting translation services. 

Conference translation involves the general creation of written materials in the languages that your attendees understand. These materials can include welcome packets, signage, forms, maps, agendas, guides, and more, tailored explicitly for conferences. These documents are crucial in setting the tone for your event, showing attendees that your conference values accessibility and inclusivity – something any company should boast about.

Live meeting translationor live captioning – is a convenient feature that can revolutionize how participants engage in video conferences or virtual meetings. With this feature, individuals who plan on joining virtually have the flexibility to register for their preferred language, ensuring that language barriers will not hinder communication or participation. Imagine a scenario where participants from different countries and language backgrounds come together for a virtual or hybrid meeting – instead of struggling to understand one another, live meeting translation simplifies the process. Participants can select their preferred language from a list of available options at registration, and in real-time, they receive translations of spoken content at the bottom of their screen as a caption (similar to subtitles). This feature brings convenience and inclusivity to the forefront. It allows each participant to follow the conversation effortlessly, regardless of their native language. Whether it’s a presentation, a discussion, or a brainstorming session, live meeting translation ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Both conference and live-meeting translation services allow participants to understand and engage in real-time discussions, ensuring everyone feels included and valued.

2.) Embracing technology: video conference translation and video remote interpretation

In today’s digital age, hosting virtual or hybrid events has become increasingly common due to decreased cost and time-management flexibility. If you’re planning a virtual multicultural corporate event, consider leveraging technology to its fullest potential. Video conference translation and video remote interpretation services enable real-time language support for participants attending remotely. 

Video conference translation happens when interpreters join the virtual or hybrid conference via video link and provide simultaneous interpretation for participants. This seamless integration of technology and language services ensures effective communication regardless of geographical constraints. This service works by incorporating professional interpreters into the virtual meeting, either onsite or remotely. These interpreters listen to the speaker’s message and provide simultaneous interpretation in the target language(s), allowing participants who speak different languages to understand each other. This approach pairs well with video presentations, product launches, or training sessions.

Sometimes, individual attendees may require video remote interpretation services during a corporate event. Video remote interpreting services enable one-on-one or small group conversations to be interpreted in real-time through video calls. This convenient and flexible solution allows participants to communicate effectively, fostering engagement and collaboration.

3.) Enhancing accessibility: live captioning and technical services

Another critical aspect of hosting successful multicultural corporate events is ensuring accessibility for all attendees. 

Implement live captioning services to provide real-time captions during presentations and discussions. The benefits of live captioning go beyond accessibility; it enhances comprehension, helps participants grasp complex information, and improves retention. Also, it allows attendees to follow along with the speaker’s words, even if they are in a noisy environment, unable to play audio, or are within the deaf community. This flexibility empowers individuals to fully participate and get the most out of the event, regardless of their unique circumstances.

Additionally, investing in technical services personnel will optimize the event’s audio and visual quality and troubleshoot any technical issues to ensure a smooth experience for all participants. From setting up interpreting booths and coordinating wireless headsets and receivers to coordinating multi-channel Zoom feeds, these services offer the expertise to handle all the technical logistics, allowing you to focus on the content and goals of your conference.

Deliver culturally diverse content

Incorporating culturally diverse content and presentations creates a welcoming and inclusive environment where attendees from various backgrounds can connect, learn, and share their perspectives. Schedule and encourage speakers from different backgrounds to share their insights and experiences, and be sure to use interactive sessions to help with your event’s engagement. 

Ensure all event materials, including signage, handouts, and presentations, are respectful, inclusive of different cultures, and understood easily by all languages in attendance. Avoid stereotypes or cultural biases that may inadvertently alienate or offend attendees. Working with professional translators and cultural consultants will ensure your event content is culturally sensitive and accurately conveys the intended message – protecting your brand and reputation.

Providing conference translation and interpretation services for all sessions ensures that language barriers are overcome, allowing participants to fully engage and participate regardless of their language proficiency. This comprehensive approach promotes cross-cultural understanding, fosters inclusivity, and enhances the overall success of your multicultural corporate event.


Hosting a successful multicultural corporate event is a tasking but rewarding endeavor that showcases your commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, otherwise known as DEIB. By understanding your audience and leveraging professional interpreting and translating services, you can create an event that fosters connections, celebrates diversity, and leaves a lasting impression.

With INGCO International’s specialized services, including conference translation, live meeting translation, video conference translation, video remote interpreting, live captioning, and technical assistance, you can create an inclusive and engaging environment for all participants.