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Job Description: Bookkeeper

We are seeking an individual to lead our company’s Bookkeeping endeavors.
In this position, you will play a key role in managing the finances of our business,
including creating financial transactions and generating relevant reports. You will also
collaborate and communicate with employees, vendors, and customers to ensure
accuracy of financial transactions.

We pledge to:
• Value the language of all people;
• Be accountable;
• Be open to new things;
• Be proactive;
• Have fun.


Is this you? You are smart and have common sense. You always spell check and read your emails
twice before sending them. You have a “just get things done” work motto and you are
not afraid to take on daunting tasks. You are a great communicator, both on the phone
and over email. You are a self-starter and aren’t afraid to work alone. You like wearing
a coat of many colors and can quickly adapt to a variety of situations. You love change
and know how to get other people on-board to changing things up. You want to be part
of an innovative industry that’s a little different than a typical job. You aren’t afraid of
“different” and like to think outside of the box. You love learning! You can’t get enough
of learning new tasks and finding new ways to do old things. You want to help a small
company grow, a lot. You are loyal to your friends, family and employer. You are
looking for a career that you can grow with and use your leadership skills. You believe,
in your heart and soul, that diversity and inclusion is essential to the earth and that all
languages and cultures deserve respect and preservation.

Duties & Responsibilities
• Perform general bookkeeping duties, including posting information to accounting
software (QuickBooks Online) and regularly reconciling accounts.
• Pay debts as they come due for payment, including necessary bills as well as
supplier and vendor invoices.
• Obtain necessary tax forms from new vendors.
• Maintain the annual budget and chart of accounts.
• Perform reconciliations of bank accounts on a monthly basis to ensure accuracy.

• Create and issue financial statements.
• Record all cash receipts.
• Process company payroll.
• Distribute customer invoices and ensure that receivables are collected in a timely
• Maintain an organized and streamlined accounting system.
• Provide administrative support to management when required.

Skills & Specifications
• Must be a self-starter and independent worker.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to quickly and effectively utilize resources.
• Excellent interpersonal and project management skills.
• Possess a pleasant outlook – you must see the glass as half full rather than half
• Must be highly sensitive to diverse cultures and languages.
• Knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping principles.
• Demonstrated experience with accounting software (QuickBooks Online).
• Data entry.
• Keen attention to detail and ability to keep records and files organized.
• Competent collaborator and skilled cross-functional communicator.
• Strong time manager with respect for deadlines.
• Ability to identify errors and solve problems.
• Decisive and critical thinker.

To apply for this position, email to an updated resume demonstrating success in areas listed above with a cover letter describing in 3-5 bullet points why you are the ideal candidate for this position as well as salary requirements. You must include references with name, title, organization, phone number and email.

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