Why not use Google Translate?

April 11, 2013

Why not use Google Translate?

A translating machine was always a dream ever since different cultures started interacting. It cannot be denied that there was a parallel dream of having one common language. Is that a paradox?

The need might have arisen as fallout of the famous “Tower of Babel” incident as told in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. We are not aware if the story was true, but the essence that men did not understand each other due to the differing tongue was indeed true and to this day the truth holds sway.

Well…Is Google Translate the dream application that can translate 60 odd languages of the world? Truth is, the dream is slowly being realized…..but would it be the perfect solution? Doubts linger, and the answer can be both, a “Yes” and a “No.”

“Yes,” because it can perfectly translate simple words and phrases. They are good if one is chatting on Facebook or messenger services.

But when it comes to complex sentences and expressions that carry barrage of culture centric terms, idioms and more particularly “thoughts”, any translation tool would apparently flunk. And Google Translation tool is no exception to that rule.

But who said Google Translate is not fun? Type “Will Justin Bieber ever hit puberty?” Now translating this to Vietnamese would give the result, “Justin Bieber sẽ bao giờ đến tuổi dậy thì” on the Google Translate screen.

Now do the reverse translation. Copy and paste the Vietnamese phrase and check what it has to say in English….Isn’t it fun!!! Much like the Magic 8 Ball, Google seems to tell us that it’s a no…

Will Justin Bieber ever hit puberty ? Google Translate Says…


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