You need accurate transcripts for important information

Our transcription team converts speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic document in any language. Foreign language transcription services require the transcriber to be completely fluent in the language from which they are transcribing. Our native-speaking transcribers have the training to pick up all varieties of content – fast or slow speech, hard-to-read handwriting and sound recordings with multiple speakers, and more. No challenge is too big for our team of expert transcribers.

We offer:

  • Monolingual transcription
  • Bilingual transcription
  • Transcription into different formats
  • Interpreting and transcription
  •  Translation and transcription
  • Timed transcriptions

Consider transcription for:

  • Video, audio or other recorded material
  •  Interpreting recordings for accuracy checks
  • Recordings of legal proceedings
  • Interviews
  • Conferences
  • Press releases
  • Lectures
  •  Meetings
  •  Subtitles
  •  Voice overs

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