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I needed to get my divorce certificate translated from French to English to prove I was really divorced.
INGCO International got it to me the next day and was very professional to work with.

-Ryan Smith

What is required for divorce certificate translation?

Divorce Certificate Translation + Translator’s
Certificate + Notarized Certificate of Accuracy

All foreign language divorce certificates must have a complete English translation for all immigration procedures.
All divorce certificates submitted for an immigration petition, application or status adjustment must include a certified translation into English. The translation must also list the translator’s certification and your translator must provide you with a notarized Certificate of Accuracy or the translation will not be valid.

Working with a professional translation provider ensures accurate divorce certificate translation and that your application or petition will not be sent back because you did not follow procedure.
A professional translator is certified to translate from one language to another and is prepared to translate your documents. A certified translator will also provide you with a Notarized Certificate of Accuracy so that USCIS officials do not deny your request based on the translation regulations.

It is important to make sure you are always using an acceptable translation for your immigration procedure.
A summary of a document prepared by a translator is never acceptable and may cause your application or petition to be denied. A translator can only translate your document from one language to another and if she is a competent translator, she can prepare a Certified Certificate of Accuracy

Certified Translation Documents:

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