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September 8, 2022

Video communication is everywhere and is becoming one of the most preferred methods for consumers to receive information and for companies to provide information. Videos are more engaging than just reading a document, and studies show that individuals retain information better when they view a video versus simply reading.

Many videos are professionally filmed, including advertising and training media. Alternately, videos may be shot simply on a phone or tablet and uploaded to social media platforms. Regardless of the video’s origin, many different media platforms exist for businesses to upload and for consumers to watch videos. While these platforms have been made user-friendly for do-it-yourselfers, that doesn’t necessarily translate to a well-produced end-product. This is even more true when it comes to video captioning. Remember, your video content is a reflection of your brand and image. Therefore, it makes sense to do it professionally if you’re going to do it at all.

What is the point of producing a beautiful video if only a fraction of your audience can actually understand it? Showcasing a product or service with captioning in multiple languages extends its reach to a broader audience cost effectively – enhancing your initial marketing investment ROI. If you’re producing videos for employee training or other educational purposes, captioning lets you reach broader groups of people who need this information to perform their jobs effectively and safely.

Whether you are the head of the HR department, the marketing leader, or leading another key functional area for your organization, let’s explore the benefits of captioning services for your business and why this service is vital to increasing your global reach and accessibility.

Why You Need Captioning Services for Your Business

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Accessibility and Greater Global Reach — Videos are not difficult to create, but making videos that are accessible to a broad audience can be challenging. Most videos are produced in only one language for one target audience. Video captioning increases accessibility to multiple segments of the population, and enhances your global presence by providing captioning in various languages. Think of the opportunities that will unveil themselves when you open your business to the world.

Ensures Proper Employee Onboarding, Training, and Inclusion – Local, global and remote workforces need training and other HR content in multiple languages to ensure proper onboarding and understanding of policies and procedures. Video captioning services help your diverse internal teams acclimate quickly to their roles and become productive, informed, and included members of your organization.

Reduces Strain on Your Team – Your team already has a full plate producing original video content for your team to meet marketing deadlines. A professional video captioning service reduces the strain on your internal teams by removing the transcription, translation and additional video editing required to produce quality videos.

The Risks of Executing Captioning Edits Yourself

Time – In order to provide captioning in various languages, you must invest time to recruit, cast and hire voice actors, scribers, and multilingual individualswho speak various target languages. A professional service already has these resources available and ready to deploy.

Effort – Once you have external resources on board for your project, you still have the added work of compiling multiple videos of the same content in different languages.
A professional service manages this effort, allowing you to focus on other priorities, such as making other original videos for different purposes.

Budget – You’ll spend more money recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding resources and creating multiple versions of the same video in separate languages. Add to that the cost of employee time to manage this recruitment and your investment becomes even greater.

A professional captioning service has expert linguists in multiple languages ready to jump into your project. As a result, they can produce high-quality captioning in various languages using your original source video, reducing the need to create a new video in each language.

How Video Caption Services Work and the Production Process

video caption production processIt is important to understand how video caption services work. At first glance, captioning may seem simple or intuitive, but the production process is actually complicated and involves technical organization and skills. A professional production team understands various source file types, software, and how to best handle the original content, in addition to transcribing and translating for video captions. Once the initial process is complete, the captioning is uploaded to the video file, fit to the screen and timed to precisely match the cadence of the video. This is both an art and a science. When translating from English to other languages, for example, the translator moves from a relatively compact language to one that might require several more characters. Determining how to insert this content into a caption and retain the proper translation, timing and cultural nuance requires expertise and care. If this step is not done correctly, your audience will quickly become confused. Imagine the repercussions if the captioning for a training video on how to use production equipment is not matched to the appropriate section of the video.

The actual video captioning process is :

  1. The script is written in your native language.
  2. Once written, it is translated into the target language(s).
  3. Finally, the content is matched frame for frame with the timing of the video. This step is crucial to ensure that the captions are at the proper time and pace to match the speed of the video.

The captioning process is both complex and precise. Hiring a professional captioning service will ensure that your videos convey your message appropriately and correctly.

How to Maximize Video Engagement with Captioning Services


Today’s society wants instant gratification, so if your video has to be put away for later, you can safely assume the audience will not return to it. Unfortunately, this frequently happens when a viewer wants to watch your video but is in a public place without headphones. By providing captioning, your videos can be viewed anywhere — with or without sound.

AI-Generated Captioning Services – The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

Some free or low-cost captioning services use artificial intelligence to generate captioning for videos. What might seem like a bargain often ends up increasing your costs to revise and correct AI captioning errors.

Here are some significant components of AI captioning that are often overlooked:

  • Inaccurate Caption Translations – There is an auto-caption option during the upload process, but the AI often makes mistakes and does not accurately or thoroughly translate everything for the captions. If you aren’t a native speaker, how will you know if the translation is correct before sharing with your audience?
  • Restricted Use –Some free AI platforms have limitations and restrictions that make them inadvisable for business use. Read the fine print.
  • Copyrights –A professional service will protect your work from copyright infringement and help you navigate legal requirements. A simple post on social media may become problematic if you do not know all the ins and outs of copyright rules or rules for your content, audience, target language, etc.
  • Lack of Audio Translations – Even if a platform automatically transcribes captions for a video, it does not auto-transcribe or translate the video’s audio into different languages.

Types of Video Captioning

edit captions

Now that you better understand video captioning let’s discuss the different types.

Offline captioning happens behind the scenes, essentially like it sounds. The captioning is done before the video is published.

Live captioning happens during a live video. This is a form of transcription, and can occur remotely or directly onsite, depending on the host location. If you live stream or host webinars as a company, you can use a professional service to transcribe live content as it happens. There is obviously more pressure in this environment because just as you want to get it all right the first time verbally, the same is true of captioning. You can mitigate errors by using a professional captioning service.

Why Should I Hire a Professional Video Captioning Service?

translation serviceInvesting in captioning services will produce a higher return on investment (ROI) because:

  1. Professionals who specialize in these services can do it faster, more efficiently, and accurately.
  2. They take your original video files and produce the additional content you need in your target language, reducing the need to produce multiple voiceovers of the same content, which can be cost prohibitive.
  3. They save your company and team time and money and offer peace of mind that the captions are on point, translated accurately and appropriately, and timed precisely to the video.
  4. They ensure that the translations are culturally sensitive. An essential point to remember when translating content is that every culture has unique linguistic needs and nuances. Regional differences also exist that must be taken into account. A professional service will know exactly how to accomplish these subtleties in the translation process that a non-professional or AI will not capture. Whether your videos are educational, entertaining, informative, promotional, or all of the above, your business will be more successful with the help of a professional captioning service.
  5. They ensure that your videos are accessible to your viewers from beginning to end. In today’s corporate environment, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) is a top priority. Adding translated captioning to videos opens many new business possibilities to reach and engage new audiences and become more inclusive of diverse and underserved groups. Understanding the benefits that proper captioning services provide to your business is a significant first step toward achieving these goals.

INGCO International Can Help


using a professional translating serviceINGCO International is here to help with all your video captioning projects. We are language experts, highly experienced in this form of communication. We understand how to properly and professionally execute your captioning projects to make your videos more inclusive and broaden your reach.

We use human matchmaking to pair you with the right linguists and experts for your projects. Our WordologistsSM, versed in over 200 languages, are “language geeks” who obsess over the quality of their translations – down to the most minute details. We ensure your content’s integrity, brand, message and culture coexist across all of your messaging.

Not only do we care about helping you produce the highest quality content, but we also care about your business results. We take the time to understand your needs and business objectives up front, so that our translated and captioned work reflects your voice and intent. Our quick, efficient, and accurate team brings the human element to your project to ensure accuracy and cultural relevance.

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