Why Saint Paul is the RIGHT Spot for Young Professionals.

April 3, 2013

Saint Paul is the great capitol city of Minnesota. However, it’s lesser known that it’s slightly larger twin city, Minneapolis, just on the other side of the riverbank. I myself am not a Saint Paul native, nor a Minneapolis native. But I did grow up in Minnetonka, in the Western suburbs, where Uptown certainly held great allure and mystery in my mind. In fact, skipping school on a beautiful spring day to head to “Calhoun” was a much revered and admired activity. I don’t ever remember anyone mentioning skipping school to head to “The Lake,” as it’s endearingly called by the majority of the Twin Cities. Why head to The Lake when we could head to Uptown? It was so much cooler and exciting. And why in the world would we head to Saint Paul? The only time we went there was on the ubiquitous field trip to the Capitol or the Science Museum. So off we went to cruise Lake Calhoun and maybe venture to Lake and Hennepin with hopes of eyeing a punk rocker with a crazy multi-colored mohawk. Ahh, those were the days!

Then I moved away from the grass-is-always-greener Minnetonka. After some time out of the country, around the country and in the country, I decided to purchase a home; a real home with walls and windows and a strong roof to keep me warm and safe. And I knew for sure that South Minneapolis was the place for me. It had great neighborhoods, amazing bars and restaurants, close to biking and running trails. Perfect for me, a young professional. But alas, the homes in South Minneapolis weren’t exactly in my price range, and I was not moving to the suburbs. So I ventured into Saint Paul and fell in love.

Saint Paul is a world-class city on every level. Our public schools represent over 48 different languages spoken and graduate world and thought leaders. Our colleges and Universities are among the best in the world, attracting students from across the globe. Our parks and recreation facilities are top-notch and abundant. Our restaurant scene is award winning and diverse, offering gourmet cuisine to local ethnic gems. Our music and theater scene is among the ranks of Broadway. Our retail opportunities are creative and unique. Our businesses, small and large, are the driving force of the Twin Cities. We have every detail that a young professional is looking for. I heard it best described as the “European” version of a Midwest city. And what a perfect way to describe this amazing mecca. So why not give it a try? If you are a young professional looking for a place to call home, consider Saint Paul, Minnesota. You won’t regret it.