Why Language Service Companies are Crucial for DEIB Goals

Why Language Service Companies are Crucial for DEIB Goals
December 8, 2023

Language is a fundamental aspect of human identity, culture, and communication. It shapes how we perceive the world and influences our interactions with others.

But how does it relate to DEIB efforts?

Language is the cornerstone of effective DEIB initiatives. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are not just corporate buzzwords; they represent the heart of progressive and thriving workplaces. Language service companies, like INGCO, play a starring role in advancing these efforts, acting as catalysts for communication, understanding, and collaboration across diverse linguistic and cultural landscapes.

In fact, the role of language service providers can shine through each facet of DEIB. 

D for Diversity

Language service providers contribute significantly to diversity by ensuring effective communication across linguistic differences, which is more than ordinary in today’s world. Through translation and interpretation services, these companies break down language barriers, enabling employees who speak different languages to collaborate seamlessly and without conformity. 

This linguistic inclusivity not only facilitates day-to-day communication but also creates an environment where all team members can actively participate in meetings, discussions, and collaborative projects with equal comfortability of input.

Also, language service companies contribute to a more diverse workforce by supporting global talent acquisition efforts. In an era where companies seek talent from various parts of the world, language barriers can hinder the recruitment process. Language service providers assist organizations in translating job postings, conducting multilingual interviews, and facilitating communication during the hiring process and beyond. This ensures that companies can tap into a broader talent pool, attracting individuals with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. 

By removing language obstacles in recruitment, language service companies play a strategic role in building and maintaining a workforce that reflects a rich tapestry of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, contributing to a more diverse work culture.

E for Equity

Ensuring equal access to information for all employees, regardless of their language background, is crucial in fostering equity in your organization’s culture. By providing translated materials, language service companies ensure that critical information, such as policies, procedures, and announcements, is accessible to employees in their preferred language. This linguistic inclusivity promotes a level playing field, allowing every individual to have the same access to essential information, regardless of their primary language.

Language service companies assist organizations in creating an equitable environment by facilitating multilingual communication in various aspects of the workplace, from training programs to ongoing internal communications. 

This ensures that all employees, despite their linguistic background, can fully engage with and benefit from professional development opportunities.

I for Inclusion

Inclusion thrives when everyone’s voice is heard. Language service providers contribute to inclusion by offering translation and interpretation services that enable seamless communication among employees who speak different languages. This ensures that everyone can actively participate in meetings, discussions, and other collaborative activities regardless of their primary language.

Additionally, language service companies actively contribute to creating a culture of inclusivity through their commitment to cultural competence. At INGCO, our Wordologists℠ (professional translators and interpreters) understand the cultural nuances associated with language, ensuring that translations go beyond literal meanings and capture the essence of diverse perspectives. This cultural sensitivity in communication helps foster an inclusive environment where employees from various cultural backgrounds feel respected and understood, having a much larger organizational impact than a simple (and potentially inaccurate) Google Translation.

By facilitating linguistic inclusivity and cultural understanding, partnering with a language service company enhances the overall inclusiveness of an organization. The partnership enables diverse employees to express themselves authentically, share their unique perspectives, and contribute to the organizational culture. 

B for Belonging

Belonging is cultivated when individuals feel a sense of connection, acceptance, and psychological safety. Effective communication is vital for developing a sense of belonging for a multilingual workforce. Language service providers facilitate seamless communication through translation and interpretation, ensuring that every employee, regardless of their primary language, can fully engage in conversations, team meetings, and company-wide communications. This inclusivity in communication helps individuals feel acknowledged and valued, strengthening their sense of belonging within the organizational framework. 

Employees from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds are more likely to feel valued when their unique skills and perspectives are recognized, contributing to a workplace environment where everyone feels a genuine sense of belonging.

How is Safety Involved?

INGCO International’s President and Founder, Ingrid Christensen, recently published an article, “Everyone Deserves to Feel Safe at Work: How Psychological Safety Improves Employee Engagement,” which can be seen on our website here, emphasizing the intrinsic link between belonging and workplace safety. Language service companies contribute significantly to creating this psychological safety by breaking down language barriers. This facilitates open communication, allowing employees to express themselves authentically in their preferred language. Such confidence in being understood and respected not only enhances engagement but also strengthens the sense of belonging. The connection to the workplace and its culture, along with the psychological safety of communication in preferred languages, plays a pivotal role in creating a work environment where each individual feels valued, heard, and an integral part of the organization.

The Backbone of DEIB Initiatives

In the fabric of DEIB, language service companies weave the threads that bind diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging together. 

Linguistic inclusivity, diverse talent acquisition, cultural competence, and equal access to information form the essence of DEIB initiatives. Without these crucial elements, DEIB efforts would lack the foundational components necessary for fostering a truly inclusive and equitable workplace. 

Language service companies emerge as the backbone of DEIB, bridging communication gaps, facilitating global talent integration, promoting cultural understanding, and ensuring equal access to information. By integrating these aspects, language service providers, like INGCO, play an essential role in creating environments where every individual, regardless of their linguistic or cultural background, is empowered, heard, and valued.