Translation Subtitling

March 29, 2016


Professional translation subtitling solutions so your audience understands the words and feels the emotions of your film

INGCO International specializes in translation subtitling – capture the imagination of your audience with translated subtitles


Working with linguists in over 200 languages and 5 global offices, we are the experts in the field. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, INGCO International has been engaging foreign audiences with original production for over 10 years. We know there is no time for context to get lost in translation.

Translation subtitling requires highly trained linguists that specialize in understanding the complex art of translation across a variety of content formats and genres. Translation subtitling requires that the linguist have the skill to remain truthful to the original meaning of the content within the constraints of the subtitles.

What is translation subtitling?

Translation subtitling is the translation of the original content in a video, like the spoken words or the words that are displayed on the screen. For a multilingual audience to have access to the content, often times it is translated and subtitles are applied to the video so that the viewer can follow along by reading the subtitles. Translating content for subtitles is a detail-oriented and complex task. Simply translating the content is rarely enough because there are a lot of other items to consider.

Why INGCO International?

Simply put, we are the best in the business. Our quality, process and team is ready now to tackle your translation subtitling challenges.


Our quality is 100% guaranteed. Even better, we promise that you’ll be ecstatic with our language solutions, or your money back.


Our language solution process is so detailed, we even remember to dust the bottom of the furniture. Nothing is left on the table in our documented 10-step process.


Our team is the best in the business. (And no, we’re not afraid to brag). Seriously – with over 10 years of language experience, we’ve built a great team to tackle your most complex challenge.

Translation subtitling requires much more than simply creating a word-for-word translation of a movie script or a documentary and then placing it as subtitles at the bottom of the screen. A translator has to understand the content they are working in, retain the meaning and context of the original version and convey that in another language. And then, in addition, edit the translated version to meet the parameters of the subtitles, taking into account things such as reading speed, characters-per-line limits, timing and positioning.


INGCO International is a leading translation, interpreting and global marketing solutions provider in 200+ languages. We work with large companies like American Express, HB Fuller and Kawasaki to small/mid sized companies and non-profits.

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