Translation Accuracy Secret Sauce

July 30, 2018

Normal translation providers promise translation accuracy at a fair price and delivered on time. Our translation accuracy Secret Sauce is just what you need.


We think that’s just the basic starting point.

So we spent countless hours in our INGCO kitchen cooking up our INGCO Secret Sauce for translation accuracy, and we KNOW you’re going to love it!


Yes, we of course cover the basics like certified translators close to you with industry expertise, but what we really do best is in our Secret Sauce.


(No, we can’t give you the recipe, but we can tell you why it’s so great!)


“The INGCO Secret Sauce gets into the nuances of our needs, the linguists they work possess the soft skills to help global litigation mitigate risk.”
– Joanne, Paralegal

High stakes global litigation requires expert language services and the language pair is just the starting point. Industry expertise and soft skills are often times more vital to case success. Our proprietary scheduling system does just that. We understand that translation may seem like a giant gray area. And that giant gray area is quite daunting.

We but through the gray by working certified language interpreters and translators for all legal requests including contracts, legal documents, depositions, mediations and arbitrations. These high-caliber linguists across the globe understand their professional role and succinctly perform their duties to ensure that your messages are accurately translated.


  • Global Services: We offer professional language services across the United States and abroad which allows us to pair your needs with local resources.
  • 200+ Languages: Our linguist network spans over 200 languages, including rare and indigenous languages.