Optimize Your Marketing Dollars to Make the Most of Consumer Spending Trends

marketing dollars
March 7, 2022

As the world becomes more connected through globalization and digital platforms, advertising revenue has been steadily increasing in recent years. That is, until March 2020 when the pandemic changed consumer spending habits almost overnight. But it seems consumers are ready to return to their carts, and companies should be taking notice.

Is your company optimizing your marketing dollars to make the most of current consumer spending trends? Since only 20% of the world speaks English – and only a fraction of those are native English speakers – you may be missing out on key audiences or limiting your growth potential if you’re not considering global audiences in your marketing and advertising plans.

Use these four tips to create an inclusive plan that connects with people personally through accurate translation and thoughtful localization.

Do your research

Many companies have invested in market research, but it’s probably time for a refresher. If you’re refining your messaging or expanding into new markets, take a close look at your audiences, especially as the way people consume information and purchase products has changed throughout the pandemic. 

Consider the people you’re trying to reach. Where do they live? What languages do they speak? Does your current messaging resonate, both culturally and linguistically? How do they prefer to receive advertising messages? To answer these questions, you may need to facilitate focus groups, interviews, or surveys. 

If this feels like a big undertaking, let us know! We have helped companies across the globe develop and implement localized marketing plans, and our team is staffed with experts who have a deep understanding of cultural nuances and preferences. Not only can we provide you with expertise on global audiences, but we’ll manage the legwork if additional research is needed.

Localize your strategy

With your updated market research, you’re ready to start thinking strategy. Make a plan for each individual market with messaging, tactics, and timing that make sense for those who fit in your demographic. During this phase, evaluate each message and piece of collateral to determine your translation or interpreting needs. 

Before you go all-in, consider piloting your plan in select markets or testing your ads to find what resonates most strongly. Monitor your ad performance and adjust your strategy as needed.

Translate your messaging

As you roll out your plan, it should be a seamless experience for your consumers. Translate messaging accurately and consistently at every consumer touchpoint to make it easy for them to understand and engage with your product or service. Be sure to consider website translation, as 40% of internet users said they won’t purchase from a site that’s not in their native language, as well as both digital and print materials.

Keep in mind that translation, subtitles and voiceover, and desktop publishing require a bit of lead time, so build those timelines in your plan. We can provide you with a quote for timing and cost in a matter of minutes.

Engage the experts

Revamping your marketing strategy to account for cultural complexities and localized preferences may feel overwhelming, but we can provide end-to-end support. From understanding your audience and creating a plan to translating your messages and implementing in local markets, we’ve got you covered. Visit our website to learn about the full suite of services we offer and let us know how we can help you make the most of your advertising budget in 2022.