New Year, New Opportunity to Connect across Cultures

January 10, 2022

As we roll the calendar over into a new year, you’re probably thinking about all the new things coming your way – goals, projects, campaigns, products, and more. It’s exciting stuff that you’ll want to share with your employees, clients, and prospects so they can see where you’re going and how they can contribute to your success. But many companies struggle to do this effectively, failing to consider language barriers and cultural nuances when talking about their business. 

To achieve your business goals, it’s critical that you engage people in ways that resonate with them personally. Language services can help you do that by equipping people with information in the languages they prefer and use every day. Not only can they better comprehend and retain your message, but they will appreciate your inclusive approach to communication.

Here are three things you should consider as you start communicating in the new year:

1. Recognize that Global is Universal

Now more than ever, your content needs to meet global market needs to connect across cultures and expand your reach and mission. Consider all your stakeholders across the supply chain and each of their respective communication needs. Interested in growing your company through online resources? You’ll need to appeal to a multilingual base and deliver materials in the languages your audience prefers. 

Not only can INGCO serve as your single partner for all translation and interpretation services, but we can also support your technology needs and share business practices. By consolidating your spend with a single global provider like INGCO, you’ll benefit from efficiency, quality, and consistency.

2. Think Outside of Onsite

While 2022 may bring the return of more in-person events, it’s safe to say that we’ll be looking at virtual and hybrid events for the foreseeable future. And that’s not just because of COVID-19. The rise of ESG (that’s Environmental, Social and Governance) has sustainability high on everyone’s radar. Even for non-virtual events, more companies are looking at the value of using virtual interpreters and mitigating the environmental impact of flying interpreters to their events. All told, this means it’s never been more important to consider translation and interpretation across every avenue in 2022, including in your e-learning and virtual events. 

3. Set Your Own Standard

With the world’s growing focus on accessibility and inclusion, many companies are saying they care, but they’re not backing it up with action. Some are considering accessibility as an afterthought, rather than building it into the fabric of how they work. Still others are doing the bare minimum based on legal requirements, hoping they send the right message without added effort. What feels right to you? Set your own moral standard based on your values and promote inclusion by making language services a priority in 2022. 

Delivering a comprehensive communication strategy that accounts for your various stakeholder groups and language needs is no small task. But we’re here to help and can handle the heavy lifting to ensure your message hits the mark. Visit our website or send us a note, and we’ll be in touch to help you get started!