Multilingual School Board Meetings

October 14, 2021

Multilingual School Board Meetings Reach All Families with Interpretation and Translation Services

At any given moment, there are more than 450 different languages spoken by students and families in school districts across the United States. Schools have an obligation, both legal and moral, to provide equitable access to education for all of their students. Often times access includes language access so that all families can communicate with their district. Given the sheer number and variety of languages spoken in the United States, it’s no surprise that schools oftentimes turn to outside sources to reach their families.

Our work was featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, highlighting our multilingual school board meeting capabilities. Ingrid Christensen, President of INGCO International was quoted in the article: “When the pandemic hit, schools were so hungry for those best practices on how to use technology … and how to get a school board meeting into people’s living rooms,” … “It pushed all of us to think about how we could highlight this work for our schools.” Read More About Our Multilingual School Board Meeting Solutions in the Star Tribune

Another way we are helping schools with their language needs is through our award winning Hybrid Translation System. We were recognized with a Tekne Award by the Minnesota Technical Association for the development of a proprietary Hybrid Translation Solution. The Hybrid Translation Management Solution combines an industry-leading Translation Management System and human translators, helping schools to translate documents into hundreds of languages quickly, efficiently, and consistently. This system revolutionized the way school districts engage with their limited-English speaking families and students. Translating written documents and content is also an important way that school boards and school districts are reaching all of their multilingual families and students.

School districts access our complete suite of language services including in-person, hybrid, virtual and over the phone interpreting, document translation, and specialty services like voiceover and subtitling solutions.  Would you like to learn more? Contact us now to schedule a conversation.