INGCO 2021 Tekne Award Finalist

September 23, 2021

INGCO International Named 2021 Tekne Award Finalist

Twin Cities-based INGCO International finalist in digital transformation category

Minneapolis, September 22, 2021: The Minnesota Technical Association today announced that INGCO International is a finalist for the 2021 Tekne Awards in the Digital Transformation category.

The award highlights INGCO International’s first-in-industry Hybrid Translation Management Solution (HTMS) that combines an industry-leading Translation Management System (TMS) and human translators, helping organizations translate documents into hundreds of languages quickly, efficiently, and consistently.

INGCO International’s proprietary Hybrid Translation Solution revolutionized the way organizations engage with their non-English speaking staff or local community. No longer is document translation a nice-to-have, or an arduous time and resource-draining endeavor. The hybrid solution makes it quick, easy, and affordable.

This technology transforms communication, helping organizations to live their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. Through the submission portal, translations can be analyzed and priced in less than a minute, enabling organizations to focus on their core business.

About INGCO International

INGCO International is an award-winning translation and interpreting company that gives every person equal access to communication through translation and interpreting services. Their expert team of linguists are proficient in more than 200 languages and help clients of all sizes clearly communicate to the audiences that matter most to them.