Meet Our People: Leonor Osório de Castro

Meet Our People: Leonor Osório de Castro
April 20, 2022

Leonor Osório de Castro is one of our talented interpreters, working with INGCO International for many years. She has worked as a linguist since 1987 when she finished her degree in Portugal. Leonor loves the freedom her job at INGCO affords her and deeply values the knowledge she has gained over the years. And she is particularly fond of the newly popular video meeting platforms, which have allowed her to take her work global, fulfilling her personal mission to “bring people closer through accurate and lively communication worldwide.”

Outside of work, Leonor loves staying active, and she’s an avid walker and jogger. Leonor’s favorite trips were to Brazil, Bali, and Peru, and the Maldives are up next on the agenda.

Leonor is also passionate about INGCO International’s mission to provide people with equal access to information, and she shares that she believes “Open-minded people are transparent, and I strive to model this in my communication.”

Leonor, we love your open, honest approach to sharing information clearly — and so do our clients!