Meet Ariel Diliberto – bookkeeper, amateur DJ, not-terrible community gardener

December 15, 2021

As a bookkeeper, Ariel Diliberto keeps the cogs moving smoothly so our translators can focus on translating instead of worrying about all that numbers business. And Ariel has a profound admiration for the interpreters she supports. “I speak French,” she shared, “I want to learn Spanish, but my brain can’t hold onto French and learn Spanish. I’m very impressed with all of our interpreters who speak multiple languages.” Ariel singled out simultaneous interpretation as especially gob smacking. “I’ve learned that simultaneous interpretation is extremely impressive and challenging. Your mind has to be in three places at once! I’ve also learned there are many languages I haven’t even heard of before.”

Ariel doesn’t just talk the talk; she has volunteered her time working with Spanish speakers who are learning English. Ariel says that an important part of what she’s learned at INGCO is that we live in a global community, and that the ability to access information should also be global. We agree!

Ariel is modest about her pastimes, pointing out that she spends a lot of time with her boyfriend and their dog, but she’s a lot more exciting than she lets on. Moonlighting as an amateur DJ (!), Ariel plays vinyl records and makes DJ mixtapes—playing mostly disco and synth pop from around the world. She also enjoys cooking, doing yoga, and going dancing. On top of all that, she’s a member of a community garden. She claims she’s a terrible gardener and goes there purely to socialize, but we’re guessing that she’s probably a little better than terrible. Ariel would love to visit Tokyo, New Zealand, and India—but she has a special place in her heart for Portugal, specifically Lisbon and Sintra (don’t make her pick!)

Being able to answer questions about invoices or payments and having the information her clients and vendors need is a great feeling for Ariel. She is moved by what she sees in the world, glimpses of the diverse life experiences she gets through her work at INGCO. She was especially proud of how families with students attending Minneapolis Public Schools can now feel like they are fully part of their school community thanks to our services. “It’s great to hear client testimonials about how our services make organizations more inclusive. Every time someone uses our services, it means they’re choosing to make sure people feel welcomed in the community, regardless of what language they speak.”