Announcing Expanded Service Offering

April 1, 2015

When you need to speak dog, we are your bark!
(Offered in 200+ languages!)

We are proud to announce our expanded service offering, dog interpretation. The first of it’s kind, this innovative communication service promises to bring you closer to understanding your dogs deepest desires.


Our professionally trained dog interpreters will help you communicate with your furry four-legged friend when ever, and where ever you need us:

  • All Dog Types: We interpret all dog breed barks.
  • 200+ Languages: We speak and work in over 200 different languages.
  • 3 Channels of Communication:
    • On-site Interpreting
    • Written Translation
    • Video Subtitling & Voice Overs

(Psst… Happy April Fool’s Day! While we do offer interpreting services in over 200 languages, dog isn’t one of them. Hope we fooled you!)


Translation Services

When you need to speak to the world, we take you there. We are message creators and much more than a translation agency. We work with professional, certified translators to assist you in reaching your global market.

Professional Interpreters

Trained simultaneous interpreters in over 200 languages, across the globe. We match the perfect certified linguist for your needs including liaison interpreters with legal, technical, scientific, medical or other specialties.

Global Marketing

Our global marketing service allows you to communicate with an international audience with subtitling and voice over application to multilingual keyword research and global digital ads, and everything in between.