Why is the David Hasselfhoff so hip in Germany?

October 14, 2013

David Hasselhoff – Why Is He Popular In Germany?

David Hasselhoff is an American actor, producer, businessman and a singer(!). He performed in a stellar role for the sensational television series “Baywatch” and produced it for many seasons. His fame in Germany could be called a perfectly timed sensation he created while the Berlin wall was crumbling.

The sensation occurred in 1989 when the music album of David Hasselhoff, “Looking for Freedom” was played in West Germany. Many would be surprised to learn that the song was originally released in 1978 with the German singer Marc Seaberg.

For a country that had a cousin in the East, which was desperately looking to free itself from the evil clutches of communism, the song that was rated as number one among the worst 100 songs in America, came to symbolize the much sought after “Freedom.” However, it was a fact that the song was captivating for the Germans who were looking for unification.

The fixation the Germans have on him was part of the accidental role he played in mobilizing people that were eager to cross over to the West of Berlin to the capitalist world from the East. The song became a mascot of sorts for the crumbling Berlin wall. That is right; he was on the right side of history and his popularity in Germany is now a well-recorded funny history.