Why Healthcare Professionals Need Translation Services

healthcare translation services
June 2, 2022

As a medical professional, it is important to be able to provide quality care to patients who may not speak the same language as you. This is where interpretation services come in handy! By providing medical translation services, you can ensure all patients receive the best possible care. Language barriers can cause communication problems between people and their medical providers, which can lead to life-altering mistakes. In some cases, patients may not understand their diagnosis or treatment plan simply because they cannot read the medical documents in their own language. If they have limited English proficiency, they may undergo medical treatments without a thorough understanding of side effects, financial implications, or expected health outcomes.

Healthcare Interpretation & Translation Services

Healthcare interpretation and translation services are professional services that help healthcare providers communicate with patients who speak different languages or have limited English proficiency. By providing onsite interpreting services and language access, healthcare providers can ensure people receive the best possible care, regardless of their native language or literacy level. In addition, qualified medical interpreters can also provide emotional support to patients and their families. Healthcare interpretation and translation services can make quality healthcare more accessible to everyone.

Medical interpreting services provide a much-needed bridge between patients and medical providers. By hiring professional interpreters, you can ensure ongoing communication is clear, culturally competent, and accurate so people receive the treatment they need to take care of their health.

When it comes to choosing an interpreting services provider, find a company you can trust. Do your research and choose reputable interpreters with experience in the medical field. You should also look for a provider that offers a wide range of interpreting services in multiple languages, so you can find the right interpreters for your specific needs.

Phone/Telehealth Interpreting Services

telehealth services


Telehealth interpreting is a professional interpreting service that helps healthcare professionals communicate with patients over the phone or through video technology. This type of interpreting service is becoming increasingly popular as more healthcare providers are using telehealth technology to provide care. Telehealth interpreting services ensure patients understand their health status and receive the best possible care, regardless of language, even when they’re unable to connect with a provider in person. For those facing serious illnesses that prevent them from in-person care, tele-health interpreters can provide emotional support to patients and their families.

Video remote interpretation (VRI) is another professional interpreting service that helps healthcare professionals communicate with patients via video conferencing. VRI is helpful for people who communicate using non-spoken languages, such as American Sign Language, or those who are deaf or hard of hearing and need ASL language services.

Telehealth and over-the-phone interpreting services are the next best alternative for onsite interpreting. If emergency medicine or urgent care is needed, virtual access to professional medical interpreters can save lives.

Medical Document Translation

Medical document translation is the process of translating medical documents from one language to another. Healthcare providers and office managers may need to translate medical documents for many reasons. In some cases, people may not be able to read or understand medical documents written in a language other than their own. This can have ethical and medical consequences. In other cases, healthcare providers need to translate medical records to provide care to people who speak different languages or who travel between countries for medical care.

medical translationThere are many different types of medical documents that may need to be translated for language access, including:

  • Medical records
  • Treatment plans
  • Discharge summaries
  • Lab results
  • Radiology reports
  • Pharmacy records
  • Medication labels and dosage information
  • User manuals
  • Medical bills
  • Medical training
  • HIPPA Regulations

When it comes to medical translation, choose medical interpreters that comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). This act protects the privacy of patients’ medical information. Any company that has access to medical information must comply with these standards and ensure patient information is secure and confidential. When you choose a medical translation provider, ask about their HIPPA compliance practices.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

It is no secret that patients who can communicate effectively with their health providers are more satisfied with their care and have better health outcomes. Clear, open communication is especially challenging for patients whose native language differs from their healthcare provider. Imagine trying to understand medical terminology in your own language and then think about doing the same in an entirely different language. Language access becomes even more important and language services can make all the difference for these patients! Medical interpreting services can improve patient satisfaction by bridging the gap between patients and their care team, leading to better care and improved health.

Language barriers should never get in the way of providing quality healthcare. Medical interpreting and translation services can break down barriers in real time and make quality care accessible to everyone. Whether your organization needs medical translation or interpreting services, INGCO International is here to help. We offer in-person interpreting, as well as on-demand and virtual options. Regardless of where you are in the world, we have language services support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

INGCO International is Leading the Way to Better Care

INGCO International is a trusted language services provider with the experience and expertise to serve patients in 200+ languages. We work closely with medical providers around the world to interpret medical diagnoses and treatment plans and provide an additional layer of support for patients navigating the complexities of healthcare. We value quality and accuracy above all, and we diligently comply with HIPPA requirements to ensure people get the best translation and interpreting experience throughout their healthcare journey. You can feel confident in your decision to work with INGCO International, as we offer a wide range of services, including medical document translation, video remote interpreting, medical interpretation, and more.

If you are a healthcare professional, don’t let language stand in the way of providing quality care to the people who rely on you to feel better. Our expert linguists will partner with you to remove language barriers so you can focus on providing exceptional care. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you better communicate with your multilingual patients through medical translation and interpreting services.