Translator of The Month: October

October 30, 2020

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Hi. Nyob zoo. My name is Lisa Bee Yang-Xiong. I am a Hmong translator with INGCO International. I am a Hmong native born and raised here in the United States of America. I speak both the green and white Hmong dialects. I am currently living in California to focus on my career in Hmong translation and interpreting. I started interpreting professionally in 2012 however, it wasn’t until 2017 that a friend told me to consider doing interpreting and translation as a career. I started out with medical interpreting, then moved on to legal and educational interpreting and then eventually added Hmong translation to my services.

As an INGCO translator, I work on government, legal, educational, and medical translation projects. There is no greater reward than seeing a document that is just words on a sheet of paper to someone and then it be translated into a document that a Hmong native can easily understand. A message isn’t a message unless it is easily understood.


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Being a linguist means researching, increasing my knowledge and always being ready for a new challenge. To never be afraid but seeing every new project as an opportunity to grow!

For anyone looking to go into the interpreting and translation niche, become comfortable in the languages you wish to interpret/translate between. Read and study interpreting and translation books and keep up to date on your training and education.

I’ve learned that working as a linguist for translations with a partner and checking one another gives the most accurate translations! It is also seeing yourself as a part of a team. It means being professional, respectful, prompt, and a good communicator. Our actions with one another really are a reflection of the work we do!

All in all, my interpreting and translation journey is one that I love and I am ready for the many more blessings that will come from it!


Lisa Bee Yang-Xiong

Translator, Interpreter 



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