Translation Audit

April 13, 2015

Does your translation suck?


Does your translation suck?





Nothing sucks like an Electrolux. We find it humorous, sort of, and also a bit sad since the “sucks” can clearly be taken two different ways. But when you’re faced with translations that leave you wondering if they suck as in suck up a lot of dirt, or suck as in really bad, we are here to help.

Have you always wondered if your translation is any good? How do you know that your translation is accurate and says what it is supposed to say? A translation audit is a cost-effective way to check your translated documents and is a great first step when you are questioning the legitimacy of your translation projects.

A translation audit is an independent assessment of an existing translation rather than a complete translation, proofread and edit.

Translation Audit Process

We complete translation audits following a set process that includes randomly chosen sections of the translated text depending on the document length and subject. Our audit team focuses on a number of different criteria that contribute to the overall quality of a translation:

  • Accuracy
  • Register
  • Style
  • Terminology
  • Complexity
  • Clarity
  • Grammar
  • Spelling

The Translation Audit Report

The translation audit report consists of four standard sections. The report may include additional details depending on the audit goals.

1. Introduction.

The translation audit introduction states the client’s identification information, document audited, translated language(s), audit date and identification of pages that were subject to the translation audit.

2. Findings.

The translation audit team prepares a report with the translation errors identified in the sample. These are classified according to a variety of assessment categories and are labeled as “serious” or “minor” errors. Some categories include: additions, omissions, substitutions, etc.

3. Recommendations.

The translation audit team recommends potential improvements to the overall translation quality, accuracy and consistency

4. Other.

The translation audit team often times remarks on other issues such as: design, layout, fonts and minor textual matters not necessarily looked at by the translation team.

A translation audit report can help you make an informed decision, based on unbiased information, regarding your translation. You then have the necessary knowledge to leave it as it is, have it proofread and amended, or have it entirely re-translated.

Interested in learning about INGCO International’s translation audit services? Reach out to us to learn more.