Why Do I Need 2 Interpreters?

September 9, 2020

Interpretation is the oral translation of speech. The interpreter converts the source language into the target language, flawlessly. There are 3 main types of interpreting: consecutive, simultaneous and whisper. No matter the style, the objective of the interpreter is to convey every element of the speaker’s speech. Including things like tone, syntax and intention. Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most common types of interpretation internationally. The interpreter must do their best to accurately interpret in real time within the pace of the speech without disturbing it’s natural flow.

So why 2 interpreters? It’s not INGCO taking advantage of your budget, the truth is, simultaneous interpreting demands so much concentration and effort that even the most experienced professional can become exhausted after a short period.

Simultaneous interpreting is complex and demanding: it requires listening, understanding, quick thinking, accuracy, inflection, syntax, a mastery of key terminology and absolutely no room for mistakes. Additionally, a command of two cultures is necessary to interpret idioms and tones. Can you imagine interpreting Russian joke into English on the spot and still have it convey as funny? There’s no question of the mental fatigue an interpreter goes through while working.  

Using 2 interpreters allows the interpreter to take much needed breaks. While resting they continue to follow the proceedings and prepare. The resting interpreter often helps their partner with looking up words, key terminology, names and other information that is key to the content. Having a team  isn’t just beneficial for the interpreter but for the business as well. Allowing the interpreters breaks, helps them better convey the context. Interpreters become the voice of these meetings, this is why it is so essential to make sure interpreters are well rested and taken care of by providing a team.  A fatigued interpreter can reflect poorly on the interpretation and therefore your business’s reputation.

Simultaneous interpretation helps to break down world language barriers. No matter what language a person communicates in, he or she can easily follow the speaker in real-time with the help of simultaneous interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation provides efficient communication, allowing a person to speak and listen in their own language, and provides accurate communication in real time, allowing for the entirety of the message to be conveyed as is.

Simultaneous interpretation is all about honing and practicing the skill for interpreters. It is one of the best ways of conveying your message to your audience who speak a foreign language. Be it for businesses or individuals, simultaneous interpretation ensures that everything runs smoothly between the parties concerned. An excellent simultaneous interpreter can help land that deal for you.  In fact an excellent interpreter will go unnoticed. Providing your next international endeavor with a team of at least 2 interpreters will ensure better communication and customer satisfaction. Contact INGCO International for help on your next project.