Professional Multilingual Transcription and Translation Services for Your Business

Professional Multilingual Transcription and Translation Services for Your Business
November 17, 2022

Translation and transcription services benefit all business types and industries. Some key industries include marketing, communications, event planning, human resources, manufacturing, agriculture, and more. By incorporating translation and transcription services, your business can choose from a wide range of opportunities to reach a targeted global audience. Let’s explore the difference between translation and transcription services and how each service can benefit your business.  

This blog will provide several examples of when and how audio transcription services are necessary. Overall, the main goal is growing your business and gaining the loyalty of new consumers. Let’s evaluate the various strategies for achieving a global reach. 

What are Language Transcription and Translation Services? 

Transcription and translation services render a source language into the language that consumers of the target audience can understand. Translation is an updated version of the original written source in the desired language. Transcription is a written copy of the original spoken source in the desired language. Let’s take a closer look at the difference between translation and transcription services.  

Transcription Services vs. Translation Services 

translation services vs transcription services

What is the difference between language translation and transcription? They sound similar but serve very different purposes regarding language services.   

Translation services are your common written examples rendered in a different language. Transcription services are essentially speech-to-text. For example, you record a video for a meeting, but now you need to add closed captions or subtitles.  

Once you know the difference, you can focus your efforts on what is necessary for your business.  Even if you currently perform transcriptions in-house, a third-party translation provider can help your business increase its global success with proofreading, additional languages, or voiceovers. 

What are the Different Types of Transcription Services? 

different types of transcriptions

You can approach transcription services and implement them for success in several ways.  

Why are transcription services necessary?  Let’s take a look at different types below.  

  • Monolingual Transcriptions – involves taking an audio file in one language and providing the text in that same language (speech-to-text).  
  • Bilingual Transcriptions – requires transcription in two different languages. This is where you transcribe the source language via monolingual transcription and then translate it into an additional language. 
  • Multilingual Transcriptions – You have the best opportunity of reaching a global audience with multilingual transcriptions. By translating monolingual transcriptions into several additional languages, your organization can communicate the value of your products and services clearly and accurately to multiple audiences around the world.  
  • Interpreting and Transcription – when utilizing live interpreting services, it is recommended to also have transcriptions for the interpreting services. For example, you hire an interpreter for a meeting and then will have the spoken words transcribed for meeting notes on the record, ensuring the target audience understands the presented material. 
  • Translation and Transcription – Transcription services also translate transcripts into the target language. If there is a transcript of an audio file, you can translate the transcript into a different language.  
  • Timestamp Transcriptions – used when you have specific timing for transcriptions, like subtitles or closed captioning. This makes it easy for a listener or viewer to locate exactly what is said for each section of a video or audio file.  
  • Verbatim Transcriptions – involves an identical word-for-word transcription. A transcriptionist will type out every word in an audio file. Even if there are errors or repetition, the final transcription will include every single word.   
  • Edited Transcriptions – Similar to verbatim transcriptions but it is edited after real-time to remove extra sounds and distractions. Also, an edited transcription corrects any grammar errors to ensure the message’s meaning is clear.  
  • Video Transcription –The need for video transcription is becoming increasingly popular. The main reason you need to turn your video’s audio into text is to make it easier for your audience to follow what the speaker is saying when watching. An online video can reach all different parts of the world, and not everyone will have the same comprehension level of spoken audio or sound available to them. Adding transcription allows a viewer to read the words to ensure an impression is left even if sound is unavailable because of digital capabilities or hearing impairments. 

These are just a few examples of what transcription services can do for your business. It is important to mention that transcription services can be customized to your needs and wants, even if you do not see what you are looking for in the list above. Hopefully, you are already creating some ideas for transcription projects, but if not, let’s move on to other uses for these services to perhaps inspire you.  

Professional Transcription Services Can Benefit Several Industries  

Providers of professional transcription services have the required training to complete the work effectively. It is not a simple task for someone to perform, especially when it involves multilingual transcriptions. A wide range of professions, industries, and organizations request professional transcription services. Therefore, it is important to understand the areas you may benefit from professional transcription services as well. 

When Do You Need Professional Transcription Services? 

when do you need transcription services

Next, let’s explore when you might need to use transcription services. Accuracy is critical, so do not sacrifice quality no matter when and where you are utilizing transcription services.  

Conferences and Business Transcriptions  

When most people attend conferences, there is so much going on it can be overwhelming. Here, transcription can add inclusivity as an element to the conference and general information retention. Also, transcription allows you to share the information with other individuals who could not attend the event. Business transcriptions are a great way to record important meetings, especially if they pertain to significant business decisions. 

Press Conferences 

Many businesses hold press conferences to launch a new product or service. Transcription services give you a chance to record all the details of the event. 

Lectures or Presentations 

Lectures and presentations should be at the top of the transcription list for referential access and record-keeping. A lecture or presentation transcription is a way to provide support to individuals who are Deaf or non-native English speakers because they can go over the information that might not have been easy to follow at the time.   

Voice Overs and Audio Recordings  

Similar to lectures, voice-over content requires transcription services for closed captioning and subtitles when transcribing audio. 


Interview transcriptions are important because you can clearly understand which speaker is talking. It can be difficult for someone to follow a discussion between two or more people if it is not their native language. Whether your interview is in-person or remote, keeping a record of interviews is how to remember the interview’s integrity. Interview transcriptions are guaranteed to provide accurate information for your audience instead of a simple summary being subjective or not entirely accurate.  

Legal Transcriptions 

 Does your company hold legal proceedings or get involved with any legal matters? Accurate record-keeping here is key. Legal transcriptions are important if your company is involved with any trials, hearings, or other legal events. For example, when you need to review the facts of a hearing or are preparing to present a case, legal transcription services can be beneficial.   

Medical Record Transcription 

A significant way to recommend transcription services for hospitals or healthcare providers is to offer medical record transcriptions. This is especially important when a patient does not speak the same language as the healthcare provider. Medical transcriptions document all details of the patient’s diagnosis or treatment plan. As a result, medical record transcriptions have a significant impact on insurance claims. Additionally, medical record transcriptions are used as evidence if the hospital or medical professional is in trouble for not providing the proper treatment and care.   

Multilingual transcription services can be used in the above examples when multiple target languages are involved. Once you know where and who you want to target, localize your content to that audience or geographic region.  

Multilingual Transcription and Localization of Content: Keep the Intended Message Right! 

localization keep the intended message right

Your business can reach a global audience using multilingual transcription services. With this professional service, you can avoid having your message misunderstood by your target audience. Here are a few essential benefits for your business when incorporating multilingual transcription services. 

Accurate Transcript 

Transcribing audio and video content and translating it into multiple languages need to be accurate. Localization ensures that the intended message remains the same for every culture and geographical market. Proper transcription requires the use of experts and professional translators for 100% accuracy. Google translate or other machine speech-to-text functionalities can only capture what the artificial intelligence (AI) can understand. The AI tools cannot pick up anything that shows emotional or social cues. This is why having a human behind the services is critical to keep the target message and sentiment accurate for your brand. 

Team of Professional Linguists 

It is important to invest in services that invest in your business and the integrity of your goals. Therefore, even for the smallest audio and video files, the transcription contributes to something more significant. Believing in your business and the people it serves, your professional language services team supports you and helps protect the meaning of culture.  

Cultures have different nuances, needs, expectations, dialects, meanings, and more. Expert translators and transcribers understand unique cultural and linguistic needs through localization. This saves you the trouble of researching or worrying about how your message is coming across to a different audience.  

To be effective in reaching a new target audience, keep them top-of-mind when developing and translating content for their consumption. In all cases, do it correctly the first time to instill trust and loyalty in your clientele by utilizing reliable human transcription and translation services.   

Using translation and transcription services demonstrates your brands’ time spent to understand your audience, who they are as a people, and their culture. Consideration and understanding of this topic will set you up for success when reaching a global audience. INGCO International’s expert transcriptionists can help be your guide through this process. 

INGCO’s Multilingual Translation and Transcription Services 

Multilingual Translation and Transcription Services 

Are you ready to explore multilingual translation or even same-language transcription services for your business? Your primary source is INGCO International for professional translators and transcriptionists. We have professional translation services tailored to your industry. We also provide transcription services for live or recorded messages. INGCO International is the right solution to get ahead of your competitors and stand out amongst consumers. We offer a free consultation and can answer any questions you may have.  

Through multilingual translation and transcription services, our goal is efficiency and human-produced quality work. By managing the skills of our translators to the needs of your project, we safeguard the integrity of your company’s confidentiality.   

Connect with a specialist and request a quote today! Transcription and translation services are how you build your brand for the bigger and better goals you have for your business.  Explore how you can reach new places and people with the right translation services.  

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