Meet Our People: Laurence Tissot

Laurence Tissot
September 16, 2022

Laurence Tissot is our director of translations here at INGCO International, which means she helps our clients deliver inclusive, multilingual communications to their audiences across the globe. She loves so much about her job, but her co-workers top the list. She shared that the people at INGCO are “smart, kind, dedicated, committed—it’s just such a joy to work with so many talented people. I also love multitasking, problem-solving, and the fact that every day is different!”

To say that Laurence has had—and continues to have—a busy life, is quite an understatement. At the tender age of 19, Laurence left France (never to return!) to go to Spain and obtain her master’s degree in Spanish Translation and Interpretation. She then worked as a proofreader, teacher, and translator for the next 20 years before becoming a translation project manager. Besides being fluent in French, English, and Spanish, Laurence can read and write in Arabic and Russian and can understand some Italian and Portuguese. Her husband is learning a fourth language, so Laurence’s competitive nature has her looking to learn a fourth (and fifth!) language too.

Laurence LOVES traveling and sports. How much does she love them? Well, she lists no fewer than a dozen sports among her hobbies and 18 countries as her favorites to visit! She also, unsurprisingly, enjoys many other pastimes, including cooking, photography (did we mention she was a photographer for seven years?), nature, gardening, and reading.

Laurence has a lot going on, and all those life experiences have led her to INGCO, where she’s all-in on the positive impact we can have through our work. She summed it up saying, “I’m passionate about communication, people, and multiculturalism, and this job brings all these elements together. I love bridging the gap between cultures and feeling we’re making a true difference.”