Meet Our People: Hannah Fazendin

Meet Our People: Hannah Fazendin
April 4, 2022

Every day, Hannah Fazendin brings her organizational skills and operational expertise to work as our Director of Operations. She has been part of the INGCO International team from the beginning, and she has helped our company grow to provide language services to more people around the world.

Hannah makes her home in Minnesota, and she’s amazed to see how her work is reflected in the community. She’s particularly proud of the impact the team has made with schools and non-profits. She enjoys the ever-changing duties of her job and how much she learns every day. Problem-solving with her team to find solutions to difficult problems is one of her favorite parts of her workday, along with how much she and her team make each other laugh.

Hannah loves her dog and is an avid reader. She also enjoys movies, spending time with friends, thrift shopping, and sewing. Hannah spends A LOT of time working on her house—DIY projects bring her a great deal of joy (and some frustration). Her favorite travel destination so far is Italy, but she would love to go to Vietnam someday. 

Thinking back on her time at INGCO, Hannah said, “I often find language services are underrepresented in America, but they are so essential. We have people coming from all over the world to live and work and make a life here. Providing them with language access allows them to feel like an equal part of the community. Not only does it allow them to understand and thrive in their environments, but it shows them we care about their language, their culture, and them.”

Thanks, Hannah, for bringing your passion, caring, and skills to INGCO’s clients, partners, and team members!