Meet Our People: Dominique Weiner

January 31, 2022

Dominique Weiner is one of our interpreters, the beating heart of INGCO. She says she never gets tired or bored of interpreting because she enjoys doing work that affects other people in such a positive way. Dominique got her start interpreting when she filled in for someone who was sick, and she immediately fell in love with it.

Although she speaks English and French, Dominique is also working on her Italian. She hopes to keep improving and would like to be able to translate in that language, too. Providing information in an inclusive manner is important to Dominique, and she knows that continuing to improve her translation skills brings her closer to that aim.

Cooking, baking, and singing are among Dominique’s favorite hobbies. She also enjoys traveling and spending time with family. Describing how traveling goes hand-in-hand with her interest in interpreting, Dominique said, “I love traveling and discovering new countries and their cultures; I love interpreting because I get to learn about so many different things.”

Dominique shared a particularly important moment for her: “I once interpreted at an event for organ receivers and organ donor families. They were sharing their stories and giving testimonies of how the donating or receiving of organs had changed their lives or made them feel more serene about the loss of a loved one. It was extremely moving, and I felt that my work really did matter as I was helping convey a message of gratitude and hope.”

We couldn’t have said it better, Dominique. We’re so grateful you’ve chosen to bring your compassionate heart and significant talents to the INGCO team.