Make Your Website Global Friendly

February 1, 2022

Most savvy business leaders understand the importance of a strong internet presence and invest in web platforms that deliver their customers a flawless experience – a smart move, given that most purchases and interactions begin with an online search. But did you know that more than 50% of people searching Google are searching in languages other than English? And, more than half of the world’s internet users today are in Asia. Through the magic of the internet, our world has become increasingly global. 

Why does it matter to you? 

Well, about 40% of people won’t buy from websites that aren’t providing information in their native language. Even for those with high English proficiency, 65% prefer content in their native tongue.

That’s a steep drop-off no matter how you slice it. It’s clear that English-only isn’t working anymore. Or, at the very least, you’re limiting your growth potential if you’re not considering the linguistic and cultural needs of your target audience. So, what can you do?

  • Localize your content. The answer isn’t just translating your website into more languages. In order to reap the full value of creating a global-friendly website, you also need to localize your content, considering cultural nuances, norms, and ways of communicating. By showing your audience that you care about them and their preferences, you create connections and build trust.
  • Don’t neglect mobile. Today, more than 80% of people navigating the internet are doing so on their mobile devices, well outpacing people who use their desktop computers to surf the web. It’s more important than ever to provide a strong mobile experience. If mobile users don’t have a positive experience on your website, they’ll leave before they even engage with your content, boosting your bounce rate and causing your page ranking on search engines to plummet. 
  • Remember that customer service doesn’t end with the sale. Don’t assume your work is done once you’ve made a sale. About 75% of people say they’re more likely to return to your site to make another purchase if the post-purchase communications you send them are in their native language.

Not sure where to start? Get help from the experts.

A strong global-friendly website is a must-have, but there is some heavy lifting to be done. If you’re looking to boost your global presence and speak to your customers in the language they prefer, INGCO International can help. We provide a full suite of language services including:

  • Transcreation to help you position your product or service in ways that appeal to your target audience based on their cultural norms and preferences
  • Marketing and digital support, including localization services, marketing platform development, messaging strategies, and more – all from a team of experts who speak 200+ languages 
  • Desktop publishing services from message translation and content design to printing and publication. We’ll handle the translating and design, so we can deliver materials that align with the look and feel of your original content, but resonate more strongly in local markets

Ready to get started? Let’s connect to discuss specifics. We’ll take your website from “friendly” to “global friendly” in no time!