Interpreting Services at Your Next Annual Meeting  

Interpreting services
December 6, 2022

If you have multilingual employees or shareholders attending an annual meeting, you need to include language access in your scheduled programming. Interpreting services ensure your audience receives your intended message while simultaneously accomplishing your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion missions (DE&I). Consider interpreting services in advance when preparing for meetings with culturally diverse audiences. Communicating with non-native speakers in your audience improves your presentation’s overall quality and perception. Let us discover how interpreting services can benefit your meetings.  

The Value of an Interpreter at Your Meeting  

Interpreting services provide clear communication and support your company’s DE&I initiatives. Providing interpreting services will help you stand out to your clients, shareholders, and employees as a global access and inclusion leader. The world is shifting gears and is increasingly technology dependent as more people than ever are working remotely. You benefit from interpreting services, whether your meeting is online or in person. Interpreting services are also available in hybrid settings, allowing stakeholders to engage and feel included wherever they are.  

Certified interpreters are skilled in both the target language and its cultural nuances, encouraging comfortability speaking up during meetings. Inclusion efforts foster collaboration between all attendees, regardless of their native language. Interpreting services eliminate language barriers and make business negotiations smoother and simplified. Interpreting services are essential for success when connecting with global audiences to match local dialects and cultural nuances in language. 

Plan Information that Needs to be Presented  

Outsourcing interpreting needs allow you to focus solely on planning your meeting for success, among your other business priorities. Allow yourself to organize your to-do list and finalize your meeting agenda while your language services partner takes care of the interpreting services. A language partner accurately interprets the requested points of your presentation (language service companies also translate any documents or slide decks for your meetings). Your company and the certified interpreter benefit from being prepared with the right information ahead of time.  

Your interpreter needs the following information before the business meeting for success:  

  • all names and titles that will be spoken or introduced 
  • full agenda and timeframe 
  • target language(s) 
  • number of attendees at the meeting  
  • audio and visual technology 
  • industry-specific terminology and context  
  • meeting location 
  • type of meeting (in-person, remote, or hybrid)  
  • where will the interpreter sit or stand 
  • any pertinent documents that will be relevant or used as a reference 
  • presentation if provided 

Set up a planning meeting to discuss the certified interpreter’s role and the meeting’s agenda. This is a recommended step to ensure everyone is on the same page and feels prepared. 

What is Simultaneous Interpreting? 

Simultaneous interpreting is a form of interpreting happening at the same time as the native language is spoken. While the speaker is presenting, the interpreter is interpreting the speech in a different language at the same time with little to no delay. Simultaneous interpreting is a skill that requires tremendous expertise and training. 

This type of interpreting keeps the audience engaged and focused on the presentation. Both the interpreter and listener often will use a soundproof device to ensure clear audio with little to no background noise or distraction.  

What is Consecutive Interpreting? 

Consecutive interpreting is a process by which the interpreted word, sentence, speech, etc., happens after speaking the initial language. Sometimes interpreters will take notes and fully translate after a meeting or presentation. Alternatively, some sections might be repeated in the target language immediately after the speaker has delivered their message in the native language. This type of interpreting is more common in small groups or a 1:1 setting, where routine back-and-forth communication is needed to accomplish the meeting agenda.   

Benefits of Having an Interpreter at Your Meeting  

Interpreting services benefit every aspect of your company’s meetings. While you work diligently on the agenda, let your language services partner ensure everyone in attendance leaves the meeting with clear and useful information.   

An employee, client or associate has greater respect for your company when they feel included and that their voice matters. Having a certified interpreter at your meeting shows your dedication to professionalism, business success, and the success of your stakeholders. An effective interpreter eliminates language barriers and global boundaries to your business.  

Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) 

People want to see that the businesses they support prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion. One of the best methods to provide individuals with global access to your services is through certified interpreting services. Showcase that you practice DE&I initiatives by upgrading your meetings with INGCO International’s certified interpreting services.   

Interpreting Services with INGCO International 

Are you prepared to improve the standards of your next annual meeting? Employees, clients, and shareholders all have something to gain when you invest in certified interpreting services. At INGCO International, we pride ourselves on being the best in multi-language services. Allow your business to expand with the help of our specialists, who provide efficient, effective, and high-qualitylanguage interpreting in over 200 languages. Success is just around the corner – contact us now to get started.