International Powerhouse: The Netherlands

October 31, 2013

Discover one of Europe’s most stable economies for growing U.S. businesses


There is a famous saying “cometh the hour, cometh the man,” we can twist this famous saying a bit and say “cometh the hour, cometh the countries.” Your question will definitely be, why was this famous saying tweaked and what are we trying to convey by doing do? In the current economic situation where even the biggest economic powerhouses are melting down because of the pressure of global recession, there are countries in Europe that are economically very stable. This saying was tweaked for such countries and was meant to show that even in such difficult times they are running their economy smoothly. Powerhouse countries are turning to such countries for investment and to see how they can benefit from their stable economy. One such country is the Netherlands. One hardly hears about the Netherlands in the news. Even if you hear about them, it will not be for any wrong reasons. It is a wonderful, peace-loving country. Apart from being peaceful, there is one more unique quality of this wonderful country called the Netherlands: it is economically stable. According to a recent survey, around two hundred top senior executives have branded the Netherlands as an attractive country and has also shown a 48% increase in foreign direct investment. It is said that the reason for such a rapid increase in foreign direct investment is international orientation of the country and its pragmatic, solution-based attitude for its skilled workforce. One more reason for the increase is the quality and reliability of the transportation and communication system of this wonderful country.

Apart from the Netherlands there are many other countries that are economically stable and have given hope to businesses and senior executives of multinational companies in the United States and other big countries for investing in them.  And by investing in such a small but economically stable country, the investors feel safe about their business growing substantially and the finances in these countries and sound and sustainable. The financial planning of these countries make sure that there is constant resistance to external economic shocks. There is a lot that can be learned from these small but economically powerful countries on how to maintain a stable economy at the time of crisis and built on long term economic stability for a steady economic growth. Such countries are actually a boon to other countries at the time of crisis.