INGCO International Intern Spotlight: Rajaa Erragh

March 2, 2014

Meet our new intern, Rajaa Erragh! We are proud to introduce our INGCO International intern to the spotlight, Rajaa Erragh. Rajaa will be our intern for the Spring 2014 semester. She is a sophomore at St. Catherine’s University in St. Paul. She is enrolled in the NESA UGRAD international exchange student program at St. Kate’s, and is from Casablanca, Morocco. She is studying English Literature and Spanish and when she returns, plans to attain her Master’s degree in translation from the High Institute of Translation in Tangier, Morocco.

Rajaa is very active on the St. Kate’s campus, and is very involved in the theater program. Rajaa holds her education in very high regards, and thanks her parents for investing in her academics early on in life. Through them, she has learned to speak English, Spanish, and Turkish. She aspires to become a professional interpreter and translator of many languages, and feels that her time spent at INGCO will help to inspire, and promote her goals of becoming a professional linguist.

“ I have a lot of faith in INGCO international and I know that when I return home I will walk with a  more professional attitude and a smile on my face.“- Rajaa Erragh

Look for Rajaa on social media! She will be involved in INGCO International social media for the next few months, check out what she has to teach you about the Moroccan culture and Arabic language!

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