Immigration Document Translation into English

immigration document translation
January 13, 2015

Immigration Document Translation into English: What’s Required?

Submitting translated immigration documents have special requirements. You need to know these requirements or you are at risk of postponing your file which will cost you time and money. If you have a birth certificate, marriage certificate or any other document that was not originally written in English, and you need to submit the document for immigration purposes, you must send an official translation with the original document.

Immigration document translation into English is important to get right.

All documents should be translated in their entirety and directly into English, including signatures, stamps, seals, etc. Your professional translation provider will properly deal with content that cannot be read. The translation of your document will resemble the original document in layout but will not be an exact copy. It is important that the translation not be a summary or only a portion of the original document. The translation must include all content on your document.


Some Common Immigration Documents:

  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Educational documents
  • Property documents
  • Financial documents


When you are ready to submit your immigration document translation, you will need a copy of the original document, the translation and a notarized certificate of accuracy.

Original Document + Translated Document + Certificate of Accuracy


Note: The petitioner or beneficiary CANNOT translate the document; it must be translated by a certified translator of immigration documents.


All documents that are not in English must have an English translation

Passports generally DO NOT require translation

Plan early! Professional translators require time to complete translations

Don’t risk paperwork denial — hire a professional translator