Global SEO

July 26, 2013

Global SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process to help increase the visibility and the find-ability of a website through a search engine, like Google. The “global” part of SEO is targeting the SEO process to an international or global market. It follows the same protocol of 1-language or 1-geographical target SEO but it puts an international spin on it by helping the website’s global rankings increase.

Global SEO – When will I be #1?

For the most part, global SEO is no different than English-only SEO.

Any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professional that promises to get you to the coveted number one spot is a sure sign that you should do a quick 180 and high-tail it away as quickly as you can. And this goes for global SEO providers as well. Global SEO requires at least 6 months to start to see a difference. Anyone that promises any less is full of steam!

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the process that affects the visibility of your website. Global SEO is the process that affects the visibility of your website to an international market.

Say what? Let’s explain it this way…

Optimizing a website for search engines is basically like organizing your closet. Most organized closets that I have seen have the pants hanging together, the dresses in another section, and the tops separated from the ties. Search engines LOVE organized websites just like Virgos LOVE organized closets.

And why should you, or I, care about this?

Well first of all, I’m a Virgo so I really like organized closets. But I’m also a business owner and I really like sales. Finding my pretty black pumps when I’m running out the door to get to a sales meeting is pretty important. But so is getting the sales meeting – and making the sale – so I can buy more pretty black pumps! Catch my drift?

If you can’t be found, people cannot buy from you. That simple.

Search Engine Optimization puts you on the map. It allows for people to find you!  And I know that you are in business to be found.

International Search Engine Optimization is the same concept. If you want to sell your fabulous thing-a-ma-jig in Timbuktu, folks sitting in Timbuktu have to find your thing-a-ma-jig. And the best way for them to find is to optimize your website so that when people in Timbuktu type “thing-a-ma-jig” into their search bar, your thing-a-ma-jig appears. Voila!

Go forth, my fellow thing-a-ma-jig sellers and get yourself a great international Search Engine Optimization professional so you can sell, sell, sell to the global market!