Conference Interpreting Services

Bringing people from around the world together in one location is a huge investment.
You need to make it count, knowing that your message will get through.

Our conference translation and interpreting services will make your multilingual event
a success. We’ll ensure your attendees understand the content being shared and can
speak freely in the language of their choice, whether it’s a remote, in-person, or hybrid event.

We support any conference or event, including:

  • International Incentive Trips
  • Sales Conferences
  • Employee Rallys
  • Client Events
  • Global Employee Training
  • Workshops

We also provide a one-stop shop so you can focus on engaging attendees and the meeting content itself. This includes:

  • Audio/Visual Support
  • Electronic Interpreting Equipment
  • ISO-Certified Interpreting Booths
  • Wireless Headsets and Receivers
  • Technical Support
  • In-Person Project Management

Conference interpreting will make your multilingual event a success.

If you are not familiar with multilingual events, conference interpreting can be daunting. You will need to plan ahead to make sure that all participants can speak freely in the language of their choice. Conference and event interpreters add value to your event and are the key to international conference success when people from different cultures and languages come together.

Conference interpreters work across the globe.

Conference and event interpreters bring audiences from different backgrounds, cultures, and languages together by enabling them to communicate with each other by conveying the messages and ideas that they express into another language. Most events rely on audio visual (A/V), electronic interpreting equipment and ISO-certified interpreting booths for the highest quality and reliability of the interpreting services during your event.

Conference interpreting deals primarily with oral communication.

Conference interpreters render messages from one language into another, naturally and fluently. They speak in the first person and adopt the tone and conviction of the original speaker. Which languages do your event attendees understand? Which languages do the presenters speak? It is important to plan in advance for appropriate language services so that everyone can hear and understand each other.

We Serve:

“With so many moving parts, this was by far our best conference with interpreters.

  • 3000 Invites: We translated the invites, website and registration material to communicate with event attendees in five languages.
  • 5 Languages: All information was translated and interpreted into five different languages, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.
  • 10 Interpreters: Two-interpreter teams per language worked diligently throughout the entire event to ensure accurate language access for all attendees.

Our international attendees were beyond impressed. We will definitely use INGCO International again.”


Aimee – Director of Events