Scheduling Audit Interpreters

October 14, 2016

Audit Interpreters: What You Need To Know

Audits provide an opportunity to identify errors in the manufacturing process that could result in a non-compliant product. They are often times conducted in foreign countries for a variety of industries including manufacturing of medical devices, pharmaceutical drugs and electronic and technical parts. Audits are an important part of business especially when an organization is looking to expand distribution or sales overseas. Interpreters are an essential part of the audit process to ensure that all parties are able to communicate in a seamless and accurate way. Auditors usually have a limited time-frame to complete their responsibilities. Many auditors visit several companies within a country during their visit and rely heavily on the skill set of the audit interpreters to ensure that there are no delays or complications.

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Audit interpreters are often times positioned as facilitators of all types of communication which means that the interpreter conveys the core meaning of the auditor’s questions and comments as well as the clients’ responses. This requires the interpreter to possess not only excellent interpreting skills but also the “soft” skills that allow them to relate to the parties of the audit. This ensures that all participants will have excellent and comprehension of the issues discussed. Interpreters are a neutral third party that also has the ability to build and strengthen personal relationships; they act in a sense as a “bridge” between the parties so that they can meet on neutral ground. It is essential to pair the interpreter with the client that will be the best overall fit for audit success. INGCO is proud of the extensive network of audit interpreters that we work with regularly across the world. We are very strict in our attention to detail when setting up language services for audits in particular because of their important nature.

ISO Certification: Does is apply to interpreting?

Recently, clients have asked us about the possibility of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification for audit interpreters. At the current time, the ISO 17100:2015 that applies to written document translation services does not apply to interpreting services. You may find information in regards to ISO requirements as they relate to language services here.

We are proud to offer professional audit interpreters for manufacturing facilities across the United States in over 200 languages. Selecting the right interpreter for your audit is essential for audit success. We understand that the audit process is critical to your business success and with over 10 years of experience working with interpreters across the globe we can guarantee you seamless and expert solutions. We look forward to hearing from you to learn how we can support your upcoming audit needs. Contact us now!